Jews Outraged by Small Note Calling Them Baby-Killers

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2014

A small note criticizing the Jews, gets the same amount of national news space as the murder of a gentile does.

When notes attack.

Typical Jewish over-reaction, calling for the Police to deal with it and crying about feeling ‘less safe.’ How safe does he think the children in Palestine are feeling? I’m sure they would far prefer to have a small note of disgust stuck to their front door, rather than having four generations of their family wiped out in one fell swoop of an IDF jet.

Daily Mail:

A hate-filled note attached to the doors of a synagogue has branded Jews as ‘child murderers’ in the latest of a spate of anti-Semetic attacks in Britain.

Notice that telling the truth has now been redefined as ‘hate-filled’.

Samuel Landau, 26, the rabbi at Kingston, Surbiton and District Synagogue in Surrey, arrived this week to find the sick message attached to the entrance.

Speaking the truth now means that you are ‘sick’.

The father-of-one says he now feels threatened and has condemned those who ‘tar everybody with the same brush’.

A note! It was stuck on the door! Oh NO! Call the Cops, we will need a full investigation with national newspaper coverage at the very least!

So he feels threatened by the truth and then condemns everyone, who criticises the Jews for their support for killing babies. He himself has just ‘tarred everyone with the same brush’. Typical Jew double-talk.

Statistics show that 304 anti-Semitic incidents were reported in the UK between January and June – a 36 per cent rise compared to the same period a year ago.

Criticism of the Jews is finally becoming acceptable again, their eternal victim status is now all but destroyed and its all through their own doing. They just cant help themselves, they have to commit atrocities or they wouldn’t be Jews.

Mr. Landau, a trainee criminal psychologist, called the police when he saw the note and  believes he is at risk of similar attacks.

What a genius. He has worked out that at some time in the future, the Jews might very well get criticised again for their behavior.

‘When the distinction between Palestine and Israel motivates you to behave in such a way – with no thought to debate or discussion – I think that is worrying,’ he said.

‘I am disappointed the society we live in is not able to process and think things through and tars everybody with the same brush. I feel less safe.’

People have obviously thought things through Mr. Jew, that is why they are criticising the Jews as a group.

Notice that nowhere in any of this interview has he said that he does not support the Jewish baby-killers in Palestine, so the criticism was obviously true. The Jew thinks that he should never actually be criticized and does not understand why anyone would do so.

He thinks there should be special laws just there for himself, to prevent him from ever having to answer for his actions.

Meanwhile in Palestine, they have more serious things to worry about than small notes.