Jewy-Looking Leftist Professor Loses Job Over Anti-Israel Tweets

Daily Stormer
August 7, 2014

Steven G. Salaita: He looks to me like a Jew.
Steven G. Salaita: He looks to me like a Jew.

A Jewy-looking Professor at the University of Illinois has lost a job he’d been offered for Tweeting anti-Israel sentiment, proving that Jews matter more than academic freedom.  As the Professor was a hardcore leftist, who actually advocates “decolonizing” America, this also proves that Jews matter more than their own liberal claptrap and anti-White lies.

Daily Caller:

According to an Inside Higher Ed article, Steven G. Salaita lost the offer to teach in the American Indian department after tweeting a barrage of radical rants that ranged from telling his Twitter followers that they’re “awful human beings” if they support Israel to declaring that he supports the complete destruction of Israel, as well as the decolonization of North America.

The Inside Higher Ed article reported that Urbana-Champaign chancellor Phyllis Wise told Salaita that the university was pulling the job offer and halting the employment process — although the university failed to confirm if the looney Israel-hater is in fact jobless. The report, however, confirmed that two people familiar with the decision to boot Salaita were motivated to ax him before he even started due to the professor’s vicious Twitter rants.

Cornell University professor William A. Jacobson noted on his website Legal Insurrection that he has been following Salaita’s Twitter account for months and knew that the professor was probably out of a job when his typical Twitter rants abruptly stopped at the beginning of August.

The Israel-Palestine conflict causes serious problems in the psyches of leftists, and thus the Jew’s own destructive doctrine is being used as a weapon against him.

Antisemitism makes strange bedfellows.
Antisemitism makes strange bedfellows.

The leftists go into a “does not compute” mode when face with the idea that the eternally oppressed Jews, those champions of civilization, are slaughtering brown children.  However, the “brown people are always victims” line the Jews promoted so aggressively seems to win out when they see the Whitish-looking Jews killing all these babies.

Some hardcore leftist Jews, who have lost their conscious ethnic identity but are still driven by the biological Jewish drive to disrupt society, are also falling victim to their own trap, attacking Israel for killing brown people.  Again, we see the Jewish ethnic cohesion machine ripping itself apart with its own fangs.

Of course, I have no interest in these leftists, but the fact is that the more noise we have being made against the Jews, the better, as it makes our ideas seem closer to the mainstream – what is actually happening is that those who attack Israel for any reason are pulling the mainstream closer to us.  And that’s a good thing.