Jobbik Calls on the Government to Ban the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s Hungarian Operation

Hungarian Ambience
August 31, 2013


According to Jobbik, the Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s Hungarian operation poses a serious national security risk so the party calls on the government to ban the organization and expel its non-Hungarian employees from the country. According to MP György Szilágyi, the organization incites hatred and attacks Hungary on a regular basis systematically interfering in Hungarian domestic matters.

Szilágyi informed the press about Jobbik’s position on the organization at Tuesday’s press conference, soon after it was revealed that the Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote a complaining letter to the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) due to an earlier “incident” when a group of football fans held up a sign at the MTK vs Ferencvaros football match on August 17 in Budapest, which said “In memoriam Csatáry László”. (Notes: The Simon Wiesenthal Center accused 99 year-old László Csatáry of being a prison guard during the second world war and as such responsible for the death of thousands of Jews. Due to the threats and accusations the otherwise healthy elderly man passed away a few weeks ago.)

According to the representative of Jobbik party, the organization once again incited anti-Hungarian hatred, and interfered in Hungarian domestic affairs.

Szilágyi indicated that socialist MP István Nyakó call for the ban of Jobbik on Monday, and the letter written by the Simon Wiesenthal Center that has been revealed today, were a coordinated attack on the Jobbik party.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s letter to UEFA president Michel Platini drew attention to FTC football fans’ ongoing antisemitic behavior, which is due to the fact that the antisemitic and anti-Roma Jobbik party and the banned but still active Hungarian Guard fanning the flames of antisemitism.