King of Jordan Demands White People Fight World War 3 to Save His Crap Country from ISIS

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2015

King Cue Ball the Cowardly of Jordan
King Cue Ball the Cowardly of Jordan

It is not only Jews that demand White people go fight pointless, endless wars for them in the Middle East against our own interests – it’s Moslems as well.


King Abdullah of Jordan has called the battle against the Islamic State “World War 3” in what is a “generational fight” to overcome these “outlaws of Islam.” Speaking to CNN, he implored all religions to come together, adding “this is our war.”

He made a point of referring to the fight against the Islamic State as a “third World War” and called upon all nations to come together to help counter the threat posed by the militant group since they conquered large swathes of Iraq and Syria last year.

“So this is our war. And we have a moral responsibility to reach out to those Muslims, to protect them, and to stop them before they reach our border,” King Abdullah said, speaking to CNN.

The king did not advocate bombarding ISIS positions with nuclear missiles or thousands of tanks, but is advocating a united front, which would bring “Muslims, Christians and other religions together.” He stressed that the ideological element of the conflict will be the hardest element to solve. The US and its allies have ample ammunition to pound Islamic State forces for decades to come.

Listen up King Abdullah, you cue ball headed sand weasel – I don’t care if your country is invaded and conquered by ISIS.  In fact, I would rather that happened, not for any other reason than that I think you suck and your kingdom is crap.

If you want to stop ISIS, do it yourself.  It is not our problem you desert monkeys cannot sort your own affairs and are obsessed with murdering one another.  It isn’t even the Jews’ fault, really – though it is the Jews’ fault that anyone in any Western country would write a news article about your demands we fight a world war for your stupid “Kingdom” of complete failure.

Jordan: It was a pretty cool place when White people lived there.
Jordan: It was a pretty cool place when White people lived there.
Now?  Not really good.
Now? Not really good.

“Meeehhhh, waaaahhhh, Whitey, our brothers in the North have gone berzerk, they are just cutting off people’s heads randomly, no one even knows what is going on, please come save us Whitey you infidel oppressor.”

Hey – Shut up.  I don’t care about your #BrownPeopleProblems.

King Cue Ball: how about you ask your friends the Jews to help you fight ISIS?  In exchange, you can help them fight Iran.  Me and my people will stay in our own countries and build spaceship and stuff.