“Let Them Eat Kebab” – 1000 Invaders Arrive in Italy in Two Days

Daily Stormer
March 5, 2015

There are millions of them lining up.  How long can this go on?
There are millions of them lining up. How long can this go on?

I am not a hateful person. But the fact of the matter is that these people are invading us.

These boats should be sunk.

The Guardian:

More than 1000 refugees have been saved in the Mediterranean north of Libya in the past two days but 10 people died at sea, Italian officials have said.

A flotilla of rescue vessels, including from Italy’s coastguard and navy, and three cargo ships saved 941 people in seven separate operations on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the coastguard and two cargo ships rescued 94 migrants whose motorised dinghy was in distress 40 miles (65 km) north of Libya.

Survivors were ferried to southern Italian ports. The migrants rescued on Tuesday had been aboard five motorised dinghies and two larger vessels. One of the larger boats capsized and 10 people were later found dead.

For months now, hundreds – sometimes thousands – of migrants fleeing conflicts or poverty have been reaching Italy every week on smugglers’ boats from Libya.

Italy’s interior ministry said 7,882 migrants arrived in the first two months of this year, compared to 5,506 over the same time in 2014. A total of 170,000 migrants and asylum seekers were rescued at sea by Italy’s coast guard, navy and other vessels including cargo ships last year. It is believed the tally will be higher this year.

They should signal them to turn back first, of course, and then there should should be a loudspeaker which declares in whatever language they speak that if they refuse to turn back, they will be torpedoed. If they do not turn back, they should be torpedoed.

This policy is simply unsustainable. Literally, 95% of the population of Africa would like to be in Europe, feeding off of us. A policy of “well, if you show up in a boat, you can stay here forever” cannot go on forever without turning Europe into Africa.

The numbers are not only increasing by the year, as the Guardian mentions – they are increasing by the month. And why would they not come? Have you seen pictures of Africa?

We are committing suicide as a people. Something must be done.