Let’s Not Forget 14-Year-Old Charlene Downes: British Girl Raped and Made into Kebab by Pakistani Muslims

The Muslim Issue
August 5, 2013

scan0001yu7A young 14-year old Charlene Downes was forced into a child sex ring, murdered, then butchered by two Muslim men and chopped up and sold as kebab and curry meat in 2003 through their fast food outlet. All over Britain young children are being singled out, threatened with beheading, drugged and then trained through violence, indoctrination, alcohol and drugs into child-sex grooming by Muslim men who sell them to be raped by Muslim clients. This “business” of human slavery is being done to children from all communities. Over 2,400 victims have been identified to date and more and more victims are being discovered regularly.

No justice has been provided to Charlene Downes family as of date who continue to live with the incredibly painful memories of the brutal Muslim abuse and murder of their young girl, while the Muslims walk free.

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