Liberals Don’t Want a Genuine Debate

Juno News
January 9, 2014

After his famous anti immigration ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, Enoch Powell received the greatest correspondence in support from the British public of any politician ever.

The BBC last night broadcast an hour long programme ‘The truth about Immigration’, it didn’t feature the immigration figure, only the net figure that politicians have used for a decade to hide the reality that immigration has gone up over 10-fold since the 1960s, from 50,000 annually to nearly 600,000.

The programme claimed that Enoch Powell’s speech poisoned the immigration debate to this day, omitting to mention than Powell received the greatest correspondence in support from the British public of any politician ever. For 50 years now we have been consistently lied to about the scale & aims of the miniscule pro-immigration clique.
The programme was full of lies, half truths & omissions, designed to tow the PC line, but the British people have had enough…

The BBC have been and still are the main promoters of mass immigration, and now as usual are posing as seekers of truth and honest observers rather than being the campaigning organisation of the Left that they really are, with agendas to push, including bringing down the country that the BBC hates – their own.

It makes you wonder how different the situation would be if we had had over the past decades just one single TV channel that had broadcast the other side – even for just one hour a week. Imagine a mass audience channel pointing out what you do about the BBC using the net figure and hiding the true figure.

Sniveling Liberal BBC Political Editor Nick Robinson.

On a positive note, the internet is now fulfilling the role of a news source and mass media to an increasing extent, and perhaps it is the internet that is causing us to have a discussion on topics the BBC would prefer not to be discussed. For example, when someone like Enoch Powell was portrayed as an extremist by the BBC in their programmes in past decades, they got away with it because they controlled the discussion. But now when there is an article about Enoch Powell on a newspaper website, the comments from the readers might typically be 80% in favour of Enoch Powell and 20% following the line the BBC would take. So basically the BBC can no longer get away with portraying the 20% as the mainstream middle view and the 80% as the view of the extreme racist right-wing.

So the free speech of the internet is at last opening up the debate that the likes of the BBC would prefer to be silenced, and have successfully silenced for decades.

Liberals don’t want a genuine debate, they never did and never will. What they want is a monologue lecture aimed at pleb land where the establishment elites and their bought and paid for pseudo intellectuals hand down their wisdom from on high and we down here in pleb land obediently and gratefully lap it up.

A free and fair public debate is like the promise of a free and fair IN/OUT EU referendum, we are to be allowed one only on their terms and only if the result suits them. The ruling class establishment are worried enough to get their bought and paid for talking heads to waffle about having a debate when that is the very last thing they want or will allow.

The ruling class don’t do fair and they don’t do open and they certainly don’t do open debate, they fully expect to get their way 100% of the time, they expect to control every aspect of any phoney baloney debate they might cook up if and only if they are pressured enough to allow one.