Louisiana to Become First State to Pass Law to Surgically Castrate Pedos

This is pure homophobia.

WION News:

Louisiana, a state in the United States, is on the verge of enacting a controversial new law that would allow judges to order surgical castration for individuals convicted of sex crimes against young children.

On Monday (June 3) Louisiana’s GOP-controlled Legislature passed a bill that empowers judges to sentence paedophiles preying on children under 13 to surgical castration.

As per CBS News, the bill now awaits the signature of Republican Governor Jeff Landry. If signed, Louisiana would be the first state to implement such a severe punishment.

Castration in the USIn America, while states like Alabama, California, Florida, and Texas permit chemical castration, none currently mandate surgical castration as a judicial sentence, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Louisiana also has provisions for chemical castration that have been in place for over 16 years, but have rarely been used.

Chemical vs Surgical castrationChemical castration involves medications that lower testosterone levels to diminish sexual urges, whereas surgical castration is a much more invasive procedure.

“This is a consequence,” stated Republican state Sen. Valarie Hodges during an April committee hearing. “It’s a step over and beyond just going to jail and getting out.”

Although the punishment is severe, the bill saw strong support in both GOP-dominated chambers. It did have some opposition coming from Democrats.

The Science says this is bad

Notably, the bill was authored by a Democrat — State Sen. Regina Barrow, who views it as an extra step in punishing horrific crimes against children.

“We are talking about babies who are being violated by somebody,” said Barrow during an April committee meeting, adding, “That is inexcusable.”

Failure to comply with an order for surgical castration could result in an additional three to five years of imprisonment. A medical expert must “determine whether that offender is an appropriate candidate” for the procedure before it is carried out.

We’re usually not talking about babies. That’s very rare, and is usually only done by black people having sexual emergencies.

If we remove the “14 and over” group, then at least 99% of the time when we talk about “pedophiles,” we are talking about homosexuals molesting boys between the ages of 5 and 11. That is what the overwhelming majority of “pedophilia” is (if you remove the “statutory” bullshit).

This is not something I’m just making up. The homos themselves whine about it:

It’s not a secret.

I guarantee if they enacted a castration policy, it would be more or less 100% homosexuals being castrated.

Other countries do this, with the usual suspects whining about it