Louisville Black Screamed Racial Hate-Words as He Beat a White Man with a Log

August 1, 2013

Brejon Ford.
Brejon Ford.
Louisville Metro Police say they’ve arrested a suspect in connection with a robbery in which a man was beaten while the perpetrators yelled racial epithets.

According to an arrest warrant, it happened in Okolona Park on April 12.

Police say 18-year-old Brejon L. Ford and three accomplices approached a man and attacked him. According to the arrest warrant, Ford punched the victim in the face. As the victim was walking away, police say one of the suspects hit him with a tree log.

Police say Ford and his accomplices then began hitting the victim several times in the head with their fists, all the while calling him names including “honky,” “cracker,” and “white trash.”

The suspects then allegedly took two cell phones from the victim, valued at $129.95 and $22.

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