Majority in All Western European Countries (Besides Sweden) Want Less EU Migrants

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2014

"Welcome to the UK!  Please feel free to take everything from us!"
“Welcome to the UK! Please feel free to take everything from us!”

A new YouGov poll has shown that the vast majority of people in every Western European country but Sweden, believe the migrant workers which have come to their countries through the EU open borders program have affected their countries negatively.

Even Germans are against this policy which their country has forced down everyone else’s throats.

I would note here that England, while all of Europe is getting hit with the flood of subhumans, is getting hit the hardest (by far) with EU immigrants.  This has a lot to do with the fact they have the most superior of all languages ever (even if they do add extra ‘u’s to their words for no clear reason and seem to be very confused about the use of the letter ‘z’).

Not to mention this.
Not to mention this.

So even though the rest of Europe is only getting a percentage of the influx the UK is getting, they’re still against it.  But Merkel that dyke wants to lecture England about how they must give free everything to anyone who shows up and asks for it.

The EU is sinking.  Slowly, like the Titanic, but sinking nonetheless.

EU Observer:

The research by polling firm YouGov, which was released on Thursday (11 December) interviewed more than 6,000 people across six EU countries – the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Finland – as well as Norway.

Swedes were the only country surveyed where a majority agreed that EU immigration had benefited their country.

Meanwhile, although majorities in Britain, Germany, Denmark and Finland all believed that immigration had been bad for them, French people were the most hostile. Only 9 percent agreed that immigration had been beneficial for France, while 53 percent disagreed.

Several national leaders have made moves to clamp down on the access EU migrant workers have to welfare benefits, led by UK prime minister David Cameron. Cameron would like to impose a cap on the total number of EU migrants and wants EU nationals to work for at least four years before being able to access the UK benefits system.

Meanwhile, the German government tabled legislation in August aimed at tackling abuse of the welfare benefits system and restricting access to child allowances.

Asked whether migrants should be allowed to claim benefits, a large majority in all six EU countries said that migrants should be required to work for at least one year before being able to access benefits, and should find work before being allowed to move abroad.

However, the three Scandinavian countries disagreed that annual quotas on EU migrants should be imposed. The strongest support for quotas was in the UK and France where 64 percent and 58 percent, respectively, supported their introduction.

The introduction of quotas has been rejected by EU leaders on the grounds that this would breach the bloc’s commitment to freedom of movement, one of its four fundamental freedoms.

Every time I see the goyim talking about “yeah no one really supports it but it is happening anyway” I have to laugh at how stupid these goyim are.

They live in a democracy, which means that all of their policies are determined by Jews, so their beliefs about issues don’t matter. If they wanted to have influence on the policies of their governments, they never should have killed Hitler!