Memetic Monday: A Brighter Future for Me and My Crew

He’s just like me.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Feel free to skip all these words and just look at the memes. I won’t be offended. Actually, I will respect you more.)

Business first: I’m supposed to be doing a donation drive and the email address can’t receive new mail.

I have a plan. It’s going to be intimate and fun. You will like it. I’ll announce it later this week.

Room elephant: I insulted Nick Fuentes on dial-it-in Sunday. Pretty aggressively. On the Gamer Uprising forum, I pledged not to do that after he first started his Richard Spencer rehab (using his own popularity to bring Alt-Right destroyer and satanic cult leader Richard Spencer back into the conversation). I said “I’m going to be done with it and then be done with it.” Then Nick upped the ante on the Spencer rehab. Then he said something about how I was “afraid of the smoke” because I agreed not to talk about him anymore. Then my friend Azzmador died. Then I found out Nick literally went bowling with Richard Spencer. Then he told his readers to go read Richard Spencer, who is currently running a satanic cult and “writing essays” (he doesn’t write them, they’re ghost written) promoting a satanic cult agenda. These things, I think, negated my pledge.

I am not going to make this a big issue. I do, however, think Nick and I should have a conversation on a neutral platform. He’s decided to throw his weight behind a fed-linked cancer who destroyed the Alt-Right and effectively killed my friend. I’m not going to keep talking about it. But I think I deserve a confrontation. He said he wanted to smoke me. I say let’s burn this bitch down. I can ask what exactly he is doing with Richard Spencer, and he can leak DMs (as is his way – I’ve never done that shit in my life and never will) and try to make me look like a drunken asshole (which I’ve never denied and have in fact promoted as core branding).

That said, I don’t want to talk a lot about it. If he doesn’t want the conversation, that’s fine. I’ll move on. I’m not focused on this. I’m focused on Hiluxi and rivers of blood. If he doesn’t want the discussion, this will likely be the last you hear of it.

But, you know, I said that shit yesterday sort of sloppily, so I thought I’d clarify.

(Nb4 – “why can’t we all just get along????” – dearest brother, I don’t think you know who Richard Spencer is.)

If this conversation does happen, I want a moderator – maybe Sargon of Akkad if he hasn’t died of diabetes – but I want no rules, other than “don’t talk over each other and equal time.”

By the way: if he shit talks me while refusing my debate offer, that is the gayest shit in the entire infinite universe.

The gauntlet’s down.

I’m ready any time.

Snarky snipes bring shame on your Mexican ancestors, bro, who actually did cool shit like ride into Columbus, New Mexico and shoot randos and then outrun Black Jack Pershing.

I am Black Jack Pershing.

But you ain’t no Poncho, bro.

Shit talking needs to be either backed up by verbal confrontation or violence. I’m down for either or both.

The gauntlet is down, bro. Pick it up or don’t. This snipe shit is Spencer-tier ultra-faggotism.

Stop fucking saying you’re building a political coalition of right-wing infiltrators then inviting all your supporters to get filmed by antifa on a roof because it’s so cool to be at a trendy bar.

I’m not into this passive shit. You wanna talk shit, you want to resurrect Richard Spencer, you want to talk about “smoke”? – let’s light it up.

Next item: I’m now big on The Killers. (The “Mr. Brightside” stuff is trash, but after the second album – Sam’s Town – he said he wanted to make Christian music and I think he’s done a great job. I don’t usually listen to this kind of pop, but it makes me feel soulful.) I wish he would have punched Richard Dawkins in the stomach when he said that shit about Joseph Smith to his face.

I don’t believe in Mormonism, but if Richard Dawkins would have said that shit about My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I would have punched him in the stomach. I don’t care if he’s 80. If you’re too feeble to fight then don’t talk shit.

Speaking of physical violence – I said I would fight Nick in the octagon in Shanghai or Jakarta with my left hand tied behind my back after chugging a liter of Russian Standard vodka – that’s also on the table if he doesn’t want the conversation. I will also fight both him and Spencer at the same time, with both hands, but also will chug the full liter of vodka ringside immediately before the fight.

It’s great being clever and so on, but just like that faggot Dawkins: nothing you say matters if you can’t back it up with violence. That’s real life. That was always my main issue with the feminism thing – you claim power but I can physically destroy you, so how can you have power?

Anyway, Mormons are Christians. I don’t agree with their bullshit, but they are at least as serious as most evangelicals. Actually, they’re more serious, because they actually follow their own beliefs (except the ones banned by fedniggers, i.e., polygamy and slavery).

Brandon put Calvary behind barbed wire on his most recent album cover:

Is there anything realer than that?

I think this is about fleeing the Whore of Babylon:

Which I’ve told you all to do, six million times. Leave America if you can, but at the very least, leave the cities.

The Wrath of God is coming. And you don’t want that.

RIP Sonny Liston. Rip OJ. Rip MJ. RIP Tina. Rip all the good niggers.

Most of you probably didn’t even know this was still a band because guess what happened after they said they wanted to start making Christian music? Guess what the Jews that run the industry did? I’ll give you three guesses. First two don’t count.

(Anyway, don’t listen on YouTube or Spotify or they will mix the non-Christian stuff he did when he was like 22 with the more recent Christian stuff. Just listen to Battleborn and anything after – it’s not all good but it’s all wholesome. Or mostly. Battleborn is this mix of synthpop and Bruce Springsteen that I really dig, even though it is still machine music.)

Oh and as far as the podcast I am doing – which is officially titled “Bat Soup” – I was going to do it with either Potsticker or Miyo, and it seems that Potsticker has been Videodromed. If you don’t know what that means, watch the film “Videodrome.” I’ve heard that happened to him. Anyway, any podcast I do is going to have backup hosts, because that shit really sucked when me and Paul Town were just getting rolling, already had like 25,000 listens by episode 4, and then he… you know, quit or whatever. I will always love Paul Town, but that sucked for me, because I was really ready for that shit to go nuclear.

E. Michael Jones has been wanting to talk to me for a while, because I said the Vatican was a gay anal conspiracy against Catholicism (and Christianity more broadly), and he supports the Pope or whatever. We will do that on my podcast when it gets under way with whatever cohost we end up with.

Oh and I think I’m going to publish the romance novel before the better novel, because the romance novel is so much easier to write and it’s basically already done. The good novel is basically a rough draft. Uhhh… weird shoutout but I had a friend in like 2011 who had a Ph.D in Literature and I don’t have his contact anymore and he should contact me if he wants. Not on my email because that is blocking new contacts, but on the new contact method I’m about to post soon. Later this week. It’s only Monday, niggers. We’re just getting rolling.

I also just want to add that I’ve never been jealous of anyone in my life, because I always thought I was better than everyone on earth… and then I started listening to Tim Dillon. I’m sort of mad. Anyway, I hope me and him get a chance to work together in the future, after all of this politically correct shit blows over and I’m allowed back in the game.

Also, Tim, my brother, my real brother (Irish kin – I don’t think he’s really gay but even if he is we Irish have a saying “race before hole” – seriously though, I am 98% sure the gay thing is a bit, because if he was actually gay, he’s famous enough someone would have photographed him in a restaurant in Manhattan with a twink): you have too many ads and people are not watching the show because there are too many ads and if you had more viewers you’d be able to charge more for ads.

So, show notes out of the way.


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