Memorial Held for Fallen Soldiers of the Golden Dawn

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2013

Rest in peace, brothers.  Europa shall not forget you.
Rest in peace, brothers. Europa shall not forget you.

Thousands of Greeks attended a memorial on Saturday, paying homage to George Fountouli and Manos Kapeloni, the two heroic men shot at point-blank range in a terrorist attack on the Golden Dawn.

The ceremony was held at the offices where the two young men were murdered.  Lawmakers and party supporters, as well as Greeks who identified not as supporters, but simply outraged citizens, held candles and laid flowers for the fallen.

An Orthodox priest gave spiritual guidance and joined the mourners in the singing of the national anthem.

The Golden Dawn’s official website reports that the Greek police, serving the criminal Jewish-run government, refused to allow the media in to record the sight of true Greeks peacefully honoring these fallen heroes.

The blood of martyrs has been spilled on the streets of Athens, and the city holds its breath, as whispers of war grow ever louder.

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