Mexicans Tell the Pope Mexico Isn’t Mexicanized

Daily Stormer
March 14, 2015

Finally, someone is addressing Mexicanization!
What is the deal with this Pope?

The Pope apparently said something conservative-ish by accident when he implied that poor, drug-infested countries are a bad thing.

Do Popes issue apologies? Because generally no one can ever get out of things like this without issuing an apology.


Mexican officials are up in arms over Pope Francis’ recent warning to Argentina to “avoid Mexicanization,” used in the pejorative sense of an illegal drug trade that is out of control, as well as widespread political corruption.

Mexico’s Foreign Minister Jose Antonio Meade accused the Pope of “seeking to stigmatize Mexico,” and said that the Mexican government would be lodging a formal complaint to the Vatican via diplomatic channels. He has already met with the Vatican’s representative in Mexico, Archbishop Christophe Pierre.

“We express sadness and concern over news of a private letter written by Pope Francis,” Meade said.

The Pope’s comment about Mexicanization was included in a personal letter to a friend, an Argentinian legislator named Gustavo Vera, and referred to his concern over the increase of drug trafficking in his native country, as well as corruption at all levels of government. “I hope we are in time to avoid Mexicanization,” he said.

“I was speaking with some Mexican bishops,” the Pope continued, “and the situation is horrible.”

Even though I almost lol’d at this, I want to stress: worst Pope ever.