More Enquiries, More Investigations, What Part of ‘Fear of Being Called Racist’ Do They Not Understand?

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
September 2, 2014

Professor Alexis Jay says ‘There is no question that this is still happening and will carry on because there is a demand for sex with children. ‘It is happening in every town and village in the country.’ Why are we not removing the demand then, by removing all the Non-Whites from our lands?

The authorities are still completely missing the point about the Rotherham scandal. Instead of doing something to protect White girls and children from these filthy Non-White pervert rapists, they think they can distract people by talking about having enquiries to find out how many people knew that it was going on. Everybody knew that it was going on, Nationalist groups have been raising the alarm about it for decades now.

It was not just a few Labour councillors that were frightened of being called ‘racist’, the whole country has been poisoned with the idea that love for your race is wrong. Finding a few scapegoats wont solve the problem, the whole idea of ‘racism’ being a bad thing needs to be completely discarded if we are ever to be able to protect our people.

Rochdale Labour MP Simon Danczuk realises people have been ‘obsessing about multiculturalism’, but instead of attacking the reasons why, he is asking for another investigation of the Home Office.

Daily Mail:

Three Labour figures have accused Tony Blair’s government of turning a blind eye to child abuse and terrorism in the Muslim community – for fear of inflaming community tensions.

Former MP Ann Cryer said the ‘politically correct brigade’ predominant on the left dismissed her warnings after she exposed a sex-abuse scandal involving Asian men in her constituency.

Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk said far too many on the left had been guilty of ‘obsessing about multiculturalism’ rather than more important issues such as child rape.

And Denis MacShane, a former Foreign Office minister and MP for Rotherham, said he was threatened with the sack by Jack Straw for urging Muslims to turn away from terrorism.

The sustained criticism of the Blair government’s record came as it emerged that MPs will launch an investigation into whether the Home Office knew about allegations of abuse in Rotherham as far back as 2001.

At least 1,400 girls as young as 11 were assaulted and raped by gangs of Asian men over a period of 16 years. Some had guns pointed at them or were doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight.

The Commons home affairs committee will question Home Secretary Theresa May over what her department knew about what had gone on in Rotherham.

It is now known that in 2002, a Home Office researcher was conducting an investigation into trafficking and underage prostitution by mainly Muslim gangs in Rotherham, but it was never published.

Tony Blair’s administration is accused of putting social cohesion above investigations into abuse, but Cameron’s government have also done exactly the same.

Home Secretary at the time was Labour’s David Blunkett, and there is no suggestion that he knew of the report’s existence. But the committee of MPs will ask whether there was an overriding culture in the Blair government aimed at avoiding any harm to community cohesion.

Keith Vaz, chairman of the committee, said: ‘We would be very keen to get from the Home Office a full and frank response to the research that was commissioned in 2002.

‘This is an essential part of the jigsaw to determine why the council failed to act, and whether the Home Office could have done more to ensure that it did act.

‘We want to see every piece of information the Home Office holds on this, and I will be writing to the Home Secretary to ask that the databases are searched to see what files it holds on this horrific behaviour in Rotherham.’

Former Labour MP Ms Cryer said that when she raised similar issues in her constituency of Keighley between 2002 and 2004, her views were dismissed.

‘A politically correct left just saw it as racism,’ she said. The MP was shunned by elements of her party and a panic button was installed in her house.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s World This Weekend programme, she said: ‘The politically correct brigade will always have anxieties about this sort of thing.

You don’t want to give the BNP and the EDL ammunition, but I had to think if these were my daughters I’d be very upset about this, so what can I do to alleviate the situation.’

Ms Cryer revealed that former London mayor Ken Livingstone suggested she had ‘misunderstood’ the situation in Keighley. ‘Frustrated is an understatement. I was very cross.’

Denis MacShane has been criticising his former Labour associates for ‘turning a blind eye to abuse’.

The only way to prevent White children from being raped by Non-Whites, is to cleanse the country entirely of Non-Whites. Obviously not all Non-Whites are rapists, but even if just a tiny amount are, that is reason enough to get rid of all of them. This is the way we behave if there is just a tiny risk of a contaminated product on shop shelves, the entire range of the product is recalled and everyone is warned to return any, should they have some. This happened recently nation-wide with baby food, when there was a fear that just a few jars might have had poison in them.

It is only through fear of being ‘racist’ that the same logic is not being applied in this instance.

Instead of trying to find scapegoats, why are they not ensuring it never happens again, by removing all the possible predators?