More Needs to be Done Yet White Man!

Modern Heretic
July 9, 2014

Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia.

For the “gimme gimme” brown mass and the jew communist controlling them concepts like “gratitude” and “personal responsibility” are meaningless. Every genetic failure, every pathetic act of criminality, every display of the character’s content is somehow the fault of the White Devil not doing enough. This is after more than half a century where Whites basically laid down and died, quietly handing their nation over to Big jew and its dark pets. It’s hard to imagine a larger act of generosity toward creatures that respond with, at best, sullen hostility. At worst they’re killing and raping. The magnitude and duration of the “Fix the negro” project is simply staggering. It’s failure is an object lesson in how reality can’t be wished away, and still they come. The next tax, the next special preference, the next pathetic surrender will surely be the one that fixes a broken race, unlike the thousands already attempted that yielded a crop of hatred and pathology.

The very aptly named Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia has his own opinions on the endless meaningless sacrifices made by White Americans and no prizes for guessing this negro’s delusional and poisonous opinions.

Huff Post:

In America today, there are three myths, three fundamentally misguided beliefs that are hurting our young black men and boys — bright young people that I have been fortunate to meet in my time as Mayor of Philadelphia.

Good kids, turning their lives around. Future rappers, mechanical engineers, basketball players, constitutional lawyers, chemists and oceanographers all.

As a result, we’re putting an entire generation at a severe disadvantage and wasting the lives of millions of people who, with reasonable investment, could become vital contributors to our economy and society.

Apparently fifty-plus years of massive waste doesn’t quality as a “reasonable investment.” Keep writing that check, Whitey. The negro is getting better, can’t you see it?

Myth: Only jews make the “rat claw” during anti-White speeches.

Myth: America has progressed enough as a nation that black men and boys have an equal opportunity to be successful.

Reality: Thanks to an anti-White system fully dedicated to the lie of equality any negro that can control its criminality and string three or four words together in semi-coherent sentences will be promoted to the moon in whatever make-work job it is handed.

We have a black President and many other elected officials, doctors, lawyers and industry leaders.

Don’t forget the rappers and African Tree Hockey stars!

Also, our president is a mulatto, just like most “well-behaved negroes” that are pushed far beyond their limited abilities in an insane quest to prove we’re not “races.”

Success is a possibility for any person willing to work hard to achieve it. That’s the underlying belief that fuels this myth.

Let’s have none of that evil personal accountability. A meritocracy be “races.”

Why the gap? A young man of color is more likely to live in poverty. Children who live in poverty are more likely to miss school and less likely to graduate.

By “poverty” he means the equivalent of a $38,000 a year job, more than many of the teachers whose classes little Barkevious can’t be bothered with are earning. These are the negroes buying fancy shoes with welfare checks and collecting every benefit imaginable from the White tax payer. Aren’t you glad you’re working hard at some horrible job to fund the negro “poverty” and then getting this kind of nonsense for gratitude?

Civil Rights Confrontation
His dream – our nightmare.

Addressing low-educational attainment for African American men and boys is not simple fix. We need more education funding, targeted resources and development programs.

Wrong. We know this will accomplish nothing, but there it is.

Myth: Black-on-black violence only affects the black community.

In this case, I agree.

Nearly half of all homicide victims in the United States are black, even though African Americans account for only 13 percent of the population. Homicide is the leading cause of death for African American males between the ages of 10 and 24.

Don’t worry, the cultural marxist narrative should resume shortly.

This isn’t the case of “thugs killing thugs” that so many people pretend it to be. This is the mass murder and incarceration of an entire generation of African American men. It is the systemic decimation of opportunity, the obliteration of hope that makes these senseless and tragic deaths so damaging to our entire country.

And there it is. Little Dujewjuan was so full of potential, what with its 70 I.Q. and poor impulse control. It’s a tragedy.

When a life is ended much too soon, a family loses a son, brother or father. Their world is irrevocably altered by that loss. But, so is our nation. We never benefit from their knowledge, creativity or abilities. We lose their contributions to our economies and communities.

Trayvontae was just about ready to finish his cancer cure/symphony/flat tax proposal/rap song when he was shot dead while sitting in a car. Now we’ll never benefit from all that creativity and knowledge. No wonder we’re falling behind in the technology race, what with all that valuable negro bio-mass lost to tribal warfare and all against all pathology.

In Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail, he wrote

“I’m not a negro tonight! I’m f–king for God!”

Just as we are all impacted by this violence, we’re also responsible to address it. That’s why New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and I launched Cities United, a national movement aimed at reducing the number of violence-related deaths of African American men and boys.

“Don be durin’ dat try-ball wah fah, nigga.” Another ill-conceived program, another White-funded failure.

Myth: Helping young black men succeed is not government’s problem.

Big government solves everything!

That mindset is wrong. We — government at every level — created this problem through decades of disinvestment, indifference and neglect.

There’s lying, there’s willful delusion and then there’s a statement so divorced from reality and bereft of facts that I’m not sure where to begin. After everything done to alchemize the negro into something resembling a human being, after all the money and blood, this negro thinks he was neglected and ignored.


This past February, President Barack Obama took action on this very issue of opportunity and success for young men of color and launched My Brother’s Keeper Initiative.

The bill for this anti-White “dead on arrival” failed program is in the mail, Whitey.

Let’s work together to dispel these myths

Don’t worry, I dispel lots of kosher myths, mayor.

We’re expected to pay for our own displacement and genocide, until the day when we’re a hated minority in our own lands. Probably even then. We need a White nation to escape this suicidal madness, where we can guide our own destiny, freed from the shackles of the negro, the la-teen-oh and the jew nation-wrecker.

It has also led to one White woman being raped every fifteen minutes by a freed slave.