Mugabe Calls on South African Blacks to Steal More from Whitey

Daily Stormer
June 3, 2015

U gon git raped
U gon git raped

South African Blacks are still in poverty after stealing massive amounts of wealth from Whites.

The obvious solution is to steal more, then they will finally be as prosperous as Zimbabwe.

Mugabe, the highly successful leader of Zimbabwe, has told Black South Africans not to be upset with the Black immigrants coming into SA, and instead begin stripping Whites of everything they have left.

Bulawayo Channel 24:

President Mugabe has called on South Africans to direct their xenophobia at whites instead of blacks. ‘I give poison not for you to swallow but to give to someone else’ he told the applauding staff at SADC Headquarters in Botswana.

Speaking as Chair of the African Union as well as of SADC, Mugabe said South Africa needed a second liberation which would transfer wealth to blacks marginalised because whites owned most of the land and got most of the employment opportunities. ‘People are unemployed . . . the wrath of South Africans needs to be more directed towards the whites than the blacks’, he said. ‘You can’t live in palaces while others are living in shanties’.

Mugabe called on Africa to stop courting the West for financial support: ‘they say here is money but you do that’, arguing that even with the end of colonialism the oppressors were back in Africa in the form of NGOs: ‘They tell us we should have good corporate governance, human rights . . . human rights? Rule of law? When they sent us to prison . . . ‘