Munich: Muslim Beheads Wife

October 29, 2013

The people in Stutenanger in Oberschleißheim are shocked. In a craze, one of their neighbours has literally beheaded his wife with an axe. Then he cut his own carotid artery. Hasan C. is said to have been a man with two faces, said neighbours. On on the one hand, loving, helpful and nice. In the next second, suddenly irascible and unpredictable.

The 48-year-old is said to have been mentally ill, confirmed by family members. For that reason there were often arguments. Many people knew about the 48-year-old’s mental problems and the tensions in his marriage. But not one had expected his madness would one day lead to such a terrible bloody deed. “We are all shattered,” said friends.

It was on Friday afternoon at around 4 pm that Hasan C. lost it completely. He raged and screamed. His wife Ulfiye (45) fled to the balcony. Neighbours heard her cry for help. Then there was suddenly a deathly quiet in the high-rise flats in Oberschleißheim.

At around 5.30 pm, one of their daughters looked in on the married couple. The 21-year-old found her parents lying in bed, dead. The father had almost completely cut the mother’s head off with an axe. Then the 48-year-old lay next to the corpse and cut his throat with a carpet knife. Hasan C. bled out within a few minutes.

Translation via Islam Versus Europe.