Muslim Imam Gives European Men Pointers on Beating Their Wives

Daily Stormer
July 10, 2013

Don’t hit her in the face, don’t break her bones or knock her teeth out, and don’t hit her more than ten times or so.  Don’t make her ugly.

It is good for her, and it honors her.  European women would respect their men more if they gave them a good beating every once in a bit – just to let them know they’re loved.

Once again, we can see the marked inability for the Islamic faith to ever be the slightest bit compatible with the value system of our people.

Remember that pedophilia is also condoned in Islam – as long as she’s at least 9-years-old.  Because the prophet Muhammad had sex with his favorite wife when she was nine.

But, you know.  It’s a religion of peace and stuff.  Or whatever.