Muslims Storm Swiss Synagogue

Daily Stormer
August 21, 2014


Wow, it was such a really terrific idea to bring all of these sickening people into Europe, huh Jews?

This dish is called “comeuppance” – it tastes like rainbows and blood.

Arutz Sheva:

Muslim anti-Israel demonstrators attempted to force their way into a synagogue in Switzerland, the latest in a string of attacks on synagogues in Europe.

The protest took place on Saturday, during the Jewish Sabbath, in front of the Beth Yaakov, or Grande, Synagogue in Geneva, according to JTA.

The Intercommunity Coordination Against Anti-Semitism and Defamation watchdog organization (CICAD) reported that a Muslim woman wearing a niqab (veil) first attempted to enter the place of worship while waving a PLO flag and holding a placard saying “Every synagogue is an Israeli embassy” on Saturday morning but was prevented from doing so.

The woman then returned that night accompanied by three men, and a second Muslim woman also then attempted to enter the synagogue.

The group told police they were simply exercising their right to protest and promised to return the following Saturday.

CICAD said the incident was the first of its kind since the the start of Operation Protective Edge, and said it set a dangerous precedent.

“With this first public demonstration of hostility towards the Jewish community in Geneva since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza, an unacceptable step was taken,” the anti-hate group said.

“Synagogues should not become the new places of expression of hatred against Israel,” it added, calling on politicians and supporters of the “Palestinian cause” to condemn such anti-Semitic attacks.

This isn’t going to end any time soon. Perhaps the Muslims will run all of the Jews out of Europe, at which point it will be simple for us to deport the Muslims, because we won’t have Jews pushing these policies. But I doubt it will be that simple.