National Action Report from Rotherham Protest

National Action
September 17, 2014

National Action Activists provide their coverage of the ‘Unity Demo’ in Rotherham that occurred on the 13th of September.

11:40 AM – Board train from Sheffield Train Station to go to Rotherham. Observations – Upon entering the train there was a group of around 30 EDL, 4 specific groups of them. All drinking alcohol, a distinct smell of damp cigarettes and BO. Their conversation including the discussion of whether females fart or not, whilst one man barely could stand. Some noise was made with loud discussion and squalor whilst 8 police, 4 either end of the train observed them.

12:10 PM – Disembark the train and meet up with NA and NS outside the Bridge Inn pub. Observations – Upon disembarking the train, there was a heavy police presence within the station. There are two platforms in Rotherham. Both had a police officer in a line within 2 foot of each other. Around 20 per platform. Upon leaving the station there was an even heavier police presence. The roads were blocked, several surveillance vans and vans filled with Riot police with riot gear (Helmets, Shields and batons.) As we walked to the Bridge Inn pub the EDL from the train started screaming various slogans and chanting (E-E-EDL) upon nearing the pub we found our lads on the outer edge of the crowd; the majority of which were EDL, various infidel factions and a small number of national front. There was singing, chanting, a lot of drunkenness around us. There was one National Front man who was very drunk, severely obese who was stuttering around, slurring his words. An EDL man was handing out leaflets, leaflets which every one accepted gracefully, the fat one (Drunk) threw the leaflet on the floor. Causing the man handing them out to get very angry and went on a tirade of verbal abuse “You fat fucking commie bastard, you fucking piece of shit scum! What are you UAF or something you fucking fat cunt? Get the fuck out of here!” The fat man began to retreat inside the pub. A pig of a woman started shouting “He is UAF” no one responded but the man walked him to the pub door calling him “Fat Commie Bastard!”.

01:20 PM The police came over to us stating that “We are not going to move you on, if you are going to do your march you might want to get moving now, you have been stood here for over 2 hours. We won’t be moving you on, just monitoring you, alright mate?”

01:30 PM – The march of the drunken mass of EDL begins, they fall out the pub chanting various slogans and chants as they move towards the meeting location. Observations there was already a very large portion of EDL at the place they went to meet, I think it was in central Rotherham. The march went around a road, lasted maybe 15 minutes before gathering with the main mass. On the way people were chanting various things such as “Muslim groomers” then a response of “Off our streets” also chanted was “Say no to the paedo police”.  there was also a bit of a confrontation between drunk EDL carrying an Israel flag and NF. It amounted to nothing more than an exchange of words and angry talk. All of the NA guys were chanting ‘White Power’ I don’t know if the EDL recieved this well. Upon our arrival at the main demo point (We was at the back of the march.) The police had formed a tight block around the EDL protest and said that they did not want NF with them, 3 fat ass stewards who would die of a heart attack before being able to throw a punch started telling the NF, not unreasonably that the ‘leaders’ don’t want us going in with them. The leader of the NF guilt tripped them by saying ”You know its wrong, it’s a racial issue as well as a religious.” And with that another line of police came between us and the EDL and they started slowly moving us the opposite direction, down an empty road filled with riot police either side. There was a brief discussion between a woman shouting “Did any of your kids get abused?” to which a man replied “No, but if yours did it would say a lot about your as a mother and a parent.” (Apparently these were actually mothers whos children were raped and did not speak at the EDL demo due to this incident) We then marched back on ourselves with the NF leader on the microphone saying “The NF has a racial policy as well as a policy regarding pedos. Hang them!” as well as stating to the police that they should be ashamed and they know its wrong and that NF is right etc. The group walked around for a while, Police on all sides, whilst Alex spoke into the microphone about why we were there etc, there were a few small clusters of locals who occasionally put their thumbs up and clapped us.

Violence erupts between the nationalists.

02:00 PM – March continues with various talks and walks. Ahead we see a massive police line, the line opens revealing what at first I thought to be our opposition, UAF. We could see them taunting and posturing as they approached us. Observations – It wasn’t the UAF it was a small detachment of around 50-100 EDL, led by a coked up Jewboy. Both sides started chanting “National Front” the other “EDL”. The EDL Jew was in full Jew-Mode yelling at the pigs to arrest us for saluting because its “Illegal”, the flashpoint came when he walked between a flag which was held up by two people. At this point, on NF lad picked up the opponents legs and dropped him on his back, the other NF was in a scuffle with another two EDL. The man who led the NF was knocked to the floor by the pushing of other EDL. I picked him up. Then a lot of the EDL started grabbing the EDL attackers and saying “We need to unite the right.” Not sharing the same sentiment as the wretched Jew and his friends. They all began to furiously shake our hands and say “Unite the right” and “join us” as well as “The police our the enemy, nonce protectors” whilst this was happening there was a verbal confrontation between the Jew who instigated it and the NF leader. It was a mouth off. Then whilst the Jew was arguing and one of his friends videoing, half of our group and the rest of the EDL shouted “Unite the right” and charged the police line, breaking through (In general the police really struggled with the marchers that day). I was left with 6 NA lads and a few NF, and apparantly we really missed out on the fun. We then walked back to the train station in an attempt to rendezvous with the others who were at that time kettled in with the EDL. We also saw a lot of other Nationalists whilst near the station, we witnessed a BNP march, another small NF one and Englisc Nationalists. Whilst waiting we also saw the Jew who instigated the confrontation between the EDL and NF. There was an exchange of words which left him humiliated in front of his friends and anally devastated.

03:20 PM Unable to make contact we board the train, with EDL and go back to Sheffield station. Observation – We get off at Sheffield, walk around the city looking at different stuff, got something to eat. Then travelled back to the station to meet the group, we found everyone we was looking for and got the banner and started stickering and leafleting in Sheffield and then dropped the banner in a University Garden full of Bix noods and Mudrats.

06:30 PM called it a day. It is a good thing that the papers reported NF vs EDL at the time because quite frankly it was a farcical and embarrassing affair and good that we don’t get publicity, but it was the EDL who attacked. The papers make NF seem much more dangerous than what they were, and the EDL look pathetic, which is a good thing.

#YOLO #LOLocaust #OccupyRotherham #SayNOtoThePaedoPolice