Netherlands: Anti-Jew Stickers Appear in Jew Neighborhood! New Holocaust!

Daily Stormer
March 15, 2015

The stickers probably looked something like this.
The stickers probably looked something like this.

Please note that given that this was nose related, and also did not involve violence, it was most likely done by actual Dutch people, rather than Moslems.  Because, you know, Arabs have the same exact Semitic nose as the Jews.


Two Dutch mayors condemned the appearance of anti-Semitic stickers on shops in a heavily Jewish suburb of the Dutch capital.

The stickers were spotted earlier this month on the shop windows of several businesses in Amstelveen, a municipality just south of Amsterdam, which is home to approximately one third of the 50,000 Jews living in the Netherlands, the Jewish news website reported Monday.

They feature a nose drawn with a red line across it — an image believed to combine racial stereotypes about Jews and to echo the “no Jews allowed” signs visible throughout Western Europe just before and during the Nazi occupation.

The stickers found in Amstelveen, reported, are available for sale on a website offering memorabilia for fans of Rotterdam’s Feyenoord soccer team, who often call fans of Amsterdam’s Ajax team “Jews” and have chanted anti-Semitic slogans at matches and directly after them to provoke the Ajax fans. Several dozen stickers cost about $7.

Amstelveen Mayor Mirjam van ‘t Veld told the news website that the stickers were “unacceptable.”

“As the Jewish community is right to expect, we are looking into the case,” he said.

“You goyim must hunt down whoever used these cartoon images on stickers to intentionally hurt our feelings!”

“Yes, Chosen, you are right to expect us to hunt down people of our own kind who did something which could potentially hurt your feelings. We are doing this.”