New York Post Calls Out CNN for Lying About “Peaceful Protests” in Ferguson

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2014

The Jew liberal media was caught looking stupid when their precious oppressed Blacks began rioting like crazy when the grand jury told them Darren Wilson had done nothing wrong in defending himself from the mad giant Michael Brown.  Instead of admitting that these Blacks are exactly everything we “racists” have been saying they are, they instead tried to hide the entire situation by just outright lying about it.

The New York Post called out CNN for doing so.

Pants are on fire.  Also, buildings and cars are on fire.
Pants are on fire. Also, buildings and cars are on fire.

It’s a pretty big deal to have one mainstream news outlet calling out another for outright lying.  It shows that we are getting to the place where the people realize the media is pushing an agenda, and so certain media outlets – the New York Post in this case – are attempting to maintain credibility by denouncing another media outlet.

The fact that the media is fixated on making Blacks look good in the first place says quite a lot.  Why would news reporters have an allegiance to Black people, I wonder?  It is almost as if there is some much more complex agenda being pushed here.  One which involves Jews trying to destroy our society by using low-IQ, violent and unhinged Black people as a battering ram against the people.