No Smiling at Auschwitz

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 22, 2014

smiling at auschwitz
Breanna Mitchell, a brave young lass who trolled the Jews by laughing in the face of their idiot gas chamber hoax

A hilarious teenage girl, Breanna Mitchell, has received the ire of the hordes of Jews and mindless Jew lovers for posting a lovely selfie of herself smiling at Auschwitz.

The Jewish race collectively maintains that millions of Jews were gassed to death at this former German concentration camp by Adolf Hitler for no reason, though they have never presented any evidence to this effect. Breanna’s happiness in the photo was apparently considered distasteful.

When she posted the picture on Twitter on June 20th, she labelled it “Selfie in the Auschwitz camp.”

A month later, the Tweet went viral, and fun-loving Breanna was condemned. On Sunday, the photo trended.

New York Post:

“@PrincessBMM How can you be happy and smile in this pic? Do you not understand the horrors and murders that happened here? I’d be crying,” one Twitter user said in response to the selfie.

“The Auschwitz Concentration Camp Selfie. A new low in vanity,” another tweeted.

“@PrincessBMM @ianbhough Did you manage to take any of you laughing inside a gas chamber or maybe one with your head stuck in a cremator?” one user added.

Since Sunday, Mitchell’s original Auschwitz selfie has generated nearly 4,000 retweets and over 2,600 favorites, with many people actually defending Mitchell on the photo.

Mitchell has been very vocal on Twitter about her chipper appearance during her trip to the world’s largest World War II Nazi concentration camp.

“Omg I wish people would quit tweeting to, quoting, retweeting, and favoriting my picture of my smiling in Auschwitz Concentration Camp,” Mitchell tweeted.

“Like apparently is such a big deal that I smiled. Good Lord.”

Once the attention began to pour in, Mitchell seemed to be relishing her newfound notoriety, even retweeting more than 150 of her supporters.

“I’m famous yall,” she tweeted Sunday, in reference to a Business Insider article about her selfie.

Well, I stand with Breanna.

And I think #BreannaPose should be a new meme. It is much more meaningful than #JadaPose.

From now on and forever, everyone who visits Auschwitz must take a smiling selfie in between two barracks buildings, in honor of brave Breanna, the girl who laughed at the gas hoax, and in defiance of the Jews who created it.

#IStandWithBreanna #BreannaPose #HitlerWasRight