Non-White Liberal Science Blogger Says Craig Cobb DNA Results are a Hoax

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 14, 2013

No, Craig Cobb is not a secret negro.
No, Craig Cobb is not a secret negro.  That’s stupid.

This Craig Cobb scene on the black talk show has gone viral on the internet, and it is horrible.  I am personally a little bit upset that Craig submitted himself to this, without sensing a trap.  Though I don’t feel I am in a position to be overly critical of a man who has done so much, this was objectively a mistake, and one that our movement is now paying for.

It is, however, an obvious scam, and I believe that anyone with any sense can see this.  The problem is that this has become a meme, and even after Craig gets the real tests done, and presents the results, and proves that these blacks and their Jew handlers staged this whole thing as part of a defamation campaign against Cobb and the White race as a whole, the damage will already have been done.

My hope is that Cobb will be able to successfully sue the show for defamation, but the amount of money that would cost almost certainly makes it impossible, even though he could almost certainly win.

A liberal, non-White science blogger, Razib Khan, offers us some insight into this situation.

I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t think that these results will hold up. (though personally I would think it was rich and very funny if they did, just like everyone else).

Hidden African Ancestry
Hidden African Ancestry

The reason is the chart to the left. It’s from 23andMe‘s data set. Out of their ~100,000 white American individuals tested, ~5% have any evidence of African ancestry. Of those, you see the distribution of results. If Craig Cobb, the white supremacist, is ~14% Sub-Saharan African, he’s in the less than 0.1% of white Americans with this sort of pattern. If he was a Latin American white, or a identified white person of Arab ancestry, I’d be willing to accept the results as plausible on the face of it. But the reality is that European Americans with relatively well documented histories usually do not have a high probability of having African ancestry. And if they do, 14% is a great deal. I have seen this among my friends (or more honestly, 5-10%, which is not far off), but that was due to a cryptic (though somewhat known within the family) non-paternity event.

The media isn’t consistent about which firm tested Craig Cobb, so I’m not going to make accusations specifically, but he says he’s getting other tests done, and he’ll release the results. I’ll be curious to see the raw results. To me this is reminiscent of the constant Facebook shares I get from the Daily Currant from friends who confuse satire for reality because of their biases (not to say those biases are unfounded or not).