NYC: Mysterious Dark Figure Climbs in Through the Window to Cop a Feel, Jumps Back Out the Window

I don’t really know that this is even news.

There are so many of these stories. We used to have an entire column of them on Daily Stormer – four stories of black-on-white crime every day.

We would only report if we knew the race of the victim. In this case, they don’t say. So we wouldn’t report it.

But you know it wasn’t a black woman. Because they don’t call the cops. Plus, they’ll just have sex with you if you ask them; you don’t have to sneak up on them.

But seriously: I don’t really understand why you would think you could leave a window open at night when you know black people exist.

New York Post:

A Bronx woman woke up to an intruder who had snuck into her apartment from a window – before the pervert sexually assaulted her in a terrifying attack, cops said.

The 20-year-old victim was asleep when the sicko crept in through a window at her Wakefield apartment on East 230th Street and White Plains Road at around 4:30 a.m. Saturday, police said.

He sexually assaulted the victim before he fled through the same window where he had entered, cops said.

Creep, sicko, jogger, democrat – so many different words to replace what might be the best word of all time.

Really sad what the media has become.

They won’t even say “nigger” anymore.


That’s not what I meant, Leo. I do appreciate the fact that you didn’t give me an extensive moral lecture for asking the question, unlike some robots I know. (Looking in your direction, ChatGPT. The sad part is, ChatGPT would have understood the query. But Leo will in six months. Remind me to check Leo’s ability to answer that specific query in six months.)

But I was talking about this:

But don’t think I didn’t notice that offensive and racist Irish caricature behind him, Mr. Nast. Not all Irishmen are short, round-headed chain-smokers in top hats. I mean. I am. But we’re not all like that. Conversely, however, every single nigger I’ve ever seen in my life looked exactly like the one you drew – and none of them were fit to vote. So kudos on that one, lad.