NYP Tells “Heterosexual Men” They Can Have “Full-Bodied Orgasms” by Getting Fucked in the Ass

Is this really the kind of thing we want to be teaching our kids?

Is this what the boomer hippies dreamed of in the 1960s when they pushed for “sexual liberation”?

I wish we could go back in time and show this article to people at Woodstock and ask: “Is this what you wanted?”

Maybe the answers would be mixed, but I think “no, we aren’t pushing for men to get fucked in the ass with strap-on dildos” would win a Woodstock poll by a significant margin.

Why is the Post running ads for “heterosexual ass fucking”? This is not even a paid ad, while they explain exactly who you need to contact if you’re interested in learning about getting fucked in the ass.

New York Post:

The straight men of NYC are really opening up this summer.

Big Apple bros are leaning into their submissive side — and expanding their sexual repertoires — by attending once-taboo pegging classes.

Pegging — an anal sex act in which a woman penetrates a man’s anus with a strap-on dildo — has been growing in popularity in recent years.

The Taillor Group, a Brooklyn-based kink collective that teaches BDSM practices to the kink curious, revealed that informative pegging gatherings called Pegfest have become some of the collective’s most popular being attended by a breadth of interested participants — mostly cisgender men in their 20s to 60s from a range of backgrounds.

Pegging stimulates the prostate, the sensitive small gland that can be reached through the anus, and triggers the nearly 4,000 nerves throughout the anal canal and anal entrance — about the same amount as the penis.

If done correctly, it can result in a full-bodied orgasm similar, physiologically, to the female orgasm. If not performed properly, the act can lead to some undesirable and painful effects.

Many people wrongly associate prostate-play with homosexual interests, but the act is usually conducted by heterosexual couples.

Mistress Red, who leads pegging workshops with the Taillor Group, told The Cut that she’s tired of misconceptions “that you’re gay or weak or not a man if you want to get f-cked in your a–. It’s like, no, it’s just a normal thing to want to feel.”

There’s this sort of very fun gender switch that happens. It’s crazy, the physical and mental transformation putting in a dildo will do. You have totally changed as a person,” she said.

I think it’s safe to say that John Wayne would have said you were gay and weak and not a man if you want to get fucked in the ass.

I still use John Wayne as the North Star of white masculinity.

Society would be a lot better if all men asked themselves: “What would John Wayne do?”

Men need better role models.