NYPD Raids People’s Market, Steals Fairly Priced Goods from Migrant Businessmen

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New York Post:

The NYPD on Tuesday clashed with migrant vendors and confiscated their apparently stolen merchandise on a troubled Jackson Heights block known for its illicit open-air market and hookers on the prowl.

Police raided the spot for the second day in a row after many of the illegal vendors fled when designated spotters apparently tipped them off that cops were on the way.

The raid came after The Post’s coverage of the a spot that had one local store manager complaining of the “relentless” shenanigans.

On Tuesday, cops were back at it — converging on a triangular block bound by Roosevelt Avenue, Elmhurst Avenue and 91st Street around 1 p.m. to scoop up apparel items from about 10 vendors who had displayed the apparently stolen wares on blankets for sale.

Mateo Hipolito Dominguez was thrown to the ground by an officer as cops confiscated his goods after an officer was heard accusing him of brandishing a box cutter.

How am I going to hurt a detective? Are you crazy? That f–king black guy is crazy,” said the man about the policeman’s accusation.

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“This dark-skinned guy [officer] threw me on the ground over some shoes. I’m over here working to take care of my family – they don’t go after people who are actually bad. But we are here working and they’re trying to f–k with us,” Dominguez told reporters in Spanish.

Why are cops always trying to mess with us? What are we doing? We’re just trying to maintain our families but they take our stuff,” said the man, as he moaned in pain from an apparent arm injury suffered in the kerfuffle.

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When asked if he had a permit to sell his goods, he said, “No, but we’re not stealing. No one does anything against the people who are actually stealing. But they come after us.”

Police also confiscated goods from vendor Alexandra Carcha, and took them away in a large white van.

“All of the trash, everything they recycle, they leave it on the ground. But what I think is unfair is that when they confiscate things, they assault people. That’s not right,” Carcha said in Spanish.

They assaulted an elderly man,” Carcha claimed.

“Three police officers grabbed him and kicked him out. I felt bad for him because, just like me, he was working and making his money.”

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