Obama Claims Only “Native Americans” Have a “Right” to Criticize the Invasion

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 28, 2014

Starts at about 10:00:

The stupid ape Barack Obama, who was made President of the United States as part of a sick inside joke of the Jews, was recently performing a standup routine in Chicago wherein he said that no Whites (or Blacks for that matter) have a right to complain about their country being invaded by low-IQ Mexican subhumans.

“The only people who have a right to [complain about the invasion] are some native Americans” the unhinged monkey person stated as he looked around, confused.

With this, Obongo appears to have given up any and all remaining pretense of being a serious person or even a human being. This line of reasoning is only considered valid by high-school revolutionaries and extremist Jews, and is not taken seriously by anyone who is even close to normal in their faculties.

The thing here is, these burrito-loving hordes are not coming here to “take land” for deer-hunting or planting potatoes, which is the only way in which the “stole it from the Indians” argument could ever be considered logical.

They are coming here to take what White people created.

Did we steal the invention of the airplane from Indians? The car? Electricity? The telephone? The radio The television? The computer? The internet?

Does all of that belong to some low-IQ drunken redskins because it was invented in cities built on land that they used to hunt deer on?

The one true American, the only person with rights.
The one true American, the only person with rights.

Are you joking me monkeyman? Seriously Obama, are you pulling on my leg with those new opposable thumbs that your species recently evolved to possess?

Without the White man, there would be no roads, no electricity, no work, no welfare, no healthcare, no anything but trees and fields. And Obama wants to tell us they are coming because they have a right to “the land”?

At least the “we have to help these people” gibberish does not make the claim to be based on some sort of objective reality, and so can be passed off as a belief which you can either agree with or not. But this “they have a right to free money, housing, healthcare, schooling, etc.” because these things exist on land is utterly nonsensical

How can he say it without blushing?

Oh, wait.