On the Biological Jew

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 12, 2013

Jews will be Jews.
Jews will be Jews.

In light of the recent radio discussion with Scott Roberts, and the subsequent discussion which took place in the comments section of the show’s posting, I would like to give a final overview of my own personal understanding of the nature of the biological Jew, as well as the problems I have with the idea that Jewish behavior is a result of a conspiracy designed to forward a secret plan.

Regrettably, it seems that many individuals have not yet grasped the core concept I am presenting, and have instead created a simplified, reduced image in their minds of what I have said, and proceeded to attack that. My hope is that I can here clear up the details of exactly what it is that I am presenting, so that afterward, if people choose to disagree with me, they will be disagreeing with what I am actually saying, rather than a misconstrued, confused imagining.

First, it should be helpful to explicitly state what I am not saying, so as such things as I have explicitly stated that I am not saying cannot continue to be repeatedly attributed to me as a means to distort my presentation.

I am not saying that Jews do not work with one another to carryout specific objectives. Far from this, I would say that ‘conspiring,’ if we choose to use such a word, to carry out specific objectives is the fundamental mode of operation of the biological Jew. What is in question is the nature of, and core drives behind, these objectives, as well as the methods and structure of organization.

I am not saying that global happenings are the result of some sort of “random coincidence.” I believe in direct causation, but also believe that there are other forms of causation than massive conspiracy with long-term, well-conceived and highly specific goals (a secret plan).

I am not saying that Jews do not purposefully harm White people, that they do not purposefully work to undermine our society by weakening it by applying both internal and external pressure. I am not saying that the policies enforced upon our society by the Jew will not necessarily lead to an end of our race.

I am not sure how anyone familiar with my work has ascribed any of the above beliefs to me in the first place, but with these misunderstandings out of the way, I can move forward with what will be my last comprehensive attempt (at least for the foreseeable future) to explain my own understanding of the nature of the Jewish problem.

The Jew as a Destructive Force of Nature

To begin, I must, once again, bring up the analogy of a virus, as I believe it is the simplest way to present my understanding of the biological Jew (note that a bacterial infection, such as Yersinia pestis – the Black Plague – may also work for this analogy). A communicable disease follows what appears to be an organized pattern of destruction without the need for an internally organized plan of action. Before the age of modern science, such diseases were regularly perceived as a punishment from the gods, or God, given that they appeared to be acting with a force of will, following an orchestrated pattern of destruction. In fact, a virus is merely carrying out a genetic program of infection and destruction of the host organism. It does not require conscious agency in order to act out its organized pattern of destruction. In this way, I see the behavior of the Jew.

The Jew, while parasitical, is also predatory, and as such a secondary analogy may serve us as we seek to understand his nature. In the forest, the deer is eaten by the wolf. The deer, being as he is, the prey of the wolf, could no doubt assign ill-will to the wolf, given that the wolf causes it such suffering. The deer could, if he had the cognitive capacity, come up with the idea that the wolf is part of a conspiracy. Everywhere he goes, he sees a wolf, and each one of these wolves is trying to kill him – surely, the deer may think, these wolves have gotten together and planned a conspiracy to harm him. If the wolf was not organized in such a manner, he would simply behave like a deer, peacefully eating the unconscious green leaves of the forest, with no desire to harm the deer. Such a conspiracy theory regarding the nature of the wolf would appear internally consistent to the deer, so long as he was incapable of grasping the biological nature of the wolf, who, in his unkind treatment of the deer, is in fact carrying out a biological program for his own survival – a biological program which is inconceivable for the peaceful deer, who is quite satisfied living a life devoid of violence against other creatures.

The wolf, for his part, may or may not hold ill-will toward the deer, but, because of his having evolved to feed off of the deer, he must surely take some amount of pleasure in hunting and killing him, receiving an internal reward via chemical reaction in his brain for having fulfilled his biological needs (in the same way that we get chemical rewards for eating a steak or having sex).

[Neither of the above analogies are perfect, but both represent specific concepts necessary for understanding the nature of the biological Jew.]

Individual Jews, as well as the Jewish race, maintain subconscious and biologically-determined drives which dictate their behavior patterns. As such, they do not require, on the whole, a top-down organizational structure in order to follow what would otherwise appear, to those born without these subconscious drives, as a well-formulated plan of action.

Due to the nature of the Jew, who has evolved as both a parasite and a predator, given that he does not create or do any form of physical labor, his own internal system of chemically-allocated rewards is based around what is good for his method of survival. Given this, when a Jew harms a member of his host society, fulfilling an aspect of the larger survival strategy of the Jewish race to damage the host society and make it more susceptible to exploitation, he feels good at having done so.

Just as the deer has no capacity to understand the organizational patterns of the wolf, White people have great difficulty understanding the organizational patterns of Jew. We grew up in a harsh, cold environment, following a hunter-gatherer method of survival, wherein, though group cooperation was a necessity, individual survival was in very large part based on individual ability. Thus, we are much more prone to viewing ourselves and others as self-reliant individuals. Given the scarcity of resource, there was also a large degree of competition between tribal-family groups who shared very similar genetics.

Being that he functions as a virus within a host society, the group evolutionary strategy of the Jew is also based wholly around collective cooperation, involving relatively little competition with genetically similar persons. In order to efficiently subvert and feed off of a host society, the Jew was required to deal with genetically similar individuals in a highly favorable manner. Given this, when a Jew meets another Jew, he is capable of forming an immediate bond with his kinsmen, without needing to go through the series of trust-building exchanges that a White person needs in order to establish a bond with another White person. Due to this genetic capacity to immediately, subconsciously recognize and bond with genetically similar persons, Jews do not require the type of top-down organizational system that European peoples require in order to maintain a cohesive social structure where the individual tends to act in a manner that is beneficial to the group.

The Operation of the Mechanism on the Ground

We can consider the accounts of the Jews who testified to having witnessed German atrocities at the Nuremberg Trials, which is often considered to be a conspiracy, to see the way that this biological behavior pattern manifests itself in a specific, real life situation.

This was a situation where the Jews, as a race, understood that the German people were a racial enemy, threatening, as they had, their ability to feed off of White European civilization. The Jews who testified at the trials did not need to be told to lie about atrocities committed by the Germans. They intrinsically understood that it would be beneficial to their group to manufacture fairy tales. They had all heard the stories that their kinsmen were telling, and simply ran with it, saying with whatever kind of thing came into their heads. If we look at the inconsistency of the claims, the ridiculous nature of so many of them, such as that twenty bodies could be stacked on top of one another and incinerated with burning wood, or that drinking water was daily drawn from a well located a few feet from a mass grave, or that a top SS man built the fence of a death camp out of tree branches, and so on, it is plainly evident that there was no instruction as to what to say at these trials, for if it had been organized in that manner, the stories would have been consistent and maintained some degree of plausibility.

It never would have crossed the mind of a Jew to do anything else other than lie in this particular situation; to suggest that some Jewish authority needed to instruct them to construct falsehoods would be to completely misunderstand the biological nature of the race.

It has also been suggested that the manner through which the Jewish-owned media consistently supports the Jewish racial agenda, covering-up their crimes, presenting them as a victimized group who has something great to offer to White Western society. The way this works is quite simple to understand when my above elaboration on the psychological drives of the biological Jew has been understood.

A simple example would be the way the Jewish media covered up the inconsistencies surrounding the events of September 11, 2001, presenting the story that this attack was carried out by Muslim terrorists as unquestionably accurate. We may first note that every Jew was capable of immediately recognizing that an attack on America by a group that the Jews view as a threat was, as Benjamin Netanyahu stated at the time, very good for the Jews. No one needed to tell them that military action by the United States against Muslim nations would benefit them. Given this, the automatic response, by both minor and powerful Jewish figures, was to play it up for all it was worth. It was unnecessary for them to know, or to care, that Israeli intelligence had planned and launched the attack for the express purpose of drawing the United States into a war with their perceived enemies. Of course every single Jew in the media was going to go into high-gear to push this agenda.

Apparently, when people suggest that the way the Jewish-owned media continually pushes the Jewish racial agenda is the result of a top-down conspiracy, they are literally suggesting that if these Jews controlling the media were not getting orders from a group of high-level Jews, they would be reporting things which could be damaging to the Jewish racial agenda. This, again, simply demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the biologically-determined behavior patterns of the Jew.

Historical Foundations for the Perception of the Jew as a Biological Phenomenon

If we look at the behavior of Jew throughout history, it is evident that he is incapable of resisting his fundamental biological drives, even when it goes against his own interests.

The Jews have historically been ejected from more than 100 White European nations/territories. This fact alone demonstrates the lack of a cohesive and structured long-term plan. White European people are the most tolerant of any people on the planet, and if the Jew had been acting on a secret plan, rather than functioning on biological drives, surely he would have recognized the point at which he was pushing it too far, and scaled back his exploitation, so as to allow him to continue to draw sustenance from these host populations.

With the Jewish take-over of Russia through the Bolshevik Revolution, we saw this same inability to regulate the degree of exploitation and abuse of the host population. Here, you had a situation where the Jew had obtained complete and total control over an entire nation of intelligent and capable Whites, a nation with virtually limitless natural resources. Instead of taking full advantage of this monumental achievement, building it up into an engine capable of fulfilling their every need for an eternity, they drove it into the ground. Their biological drive towards weakening the host was not capable of dealing with the level of control they had achieved, and thus they foolishly began destroying everything in a society they had full dominance over, putting people in camps and slaughtering them, crushing the people so completely that at the end virtually everyone was incapable of fulfilling their most basic human needs, and the host was of no more use to them.

And again, in post-WWII America, the Jews had everything they could possibly ask for. A massively disproportionate degree of control over a White society that was highly productive and very friendly towards them. The logical thing, if they indeed possessed a secret plan, would be for them to let things stay as they were, and continue to reap the benefits of feeding upon such a society. Instead, they, as a group, did what came to them naturally, and began to break down the internal stability of the society, sucking more than they could ever need from it, effectively killing the golden goose.

In the 1960s, they began a program of directed collapse of the social order, for no explainable reason other than that this was what came naturally to them. This has continued, as they push their host toward ever more unstable conditions, as we reach the point where there will simply be nothing left for them to take, nothing left for them to destroy. We may imagine again the wolf – if he eats all of the deer, without allowing them to reproduce, he is going to starve to death.

The Threat of Irresponsible Conspiracy-Mongering

As I believe I have proved to all who are capable of following and willing to listen, my position is at the very least significantly more plausible and demonstrable, than the conspiracy/secret plan theory, fully explaining the nature of the Jewish problem without requiring baseless claims or story-telling. In my perception, we have enough facts, right in front of us, regarding what the Jews are doing to our people that to invent stories of secret conspiracy is absolutely unnecessary. Still, at the same time, most of the conclusions that I draw are the same as those who attempt to come at this problem from the angle of a secretive conspiracy, so, one might ask, is this distinction truly important?

If I did not believe it was, I would have never brought it up. It is important because the conspiracy mode of thought, which is based on projecting patterns of behavior that we are capable of easily understanding onto the alien Jew, ultimately leads into a very dark pit of paranoia, confusion and psychotic delusion.

The problem is that once you decide, against logic, that the conspiracy explanation is the only conceivable causal force behind the Jewish menace, you have forced yourself into a very narrow path, where not only are inconsistencies pushed out, but massive new and entirely baseless elements are introduced in order to account for the logical and factual shortcomings of such a position – you must invent a secret plan.

Though I will admit that even after having discussed the nature of this supposed secret plan with Scott Roberts and others promoting the idea of a secret plan, I do not fully understand what they believe it entails, beyond that it involves a world domination agenda, for which it is necessary to exterminate all White people, so that the Jews can rule over the hordes of non-Whites (why they would have this as a goal is in itself unclear). However, in order to make sense of this theory, those promoting it are forced to manipulate facts in order to make them fit, as well as make wide speculation without any data to support it, both of which practices I view as completely irresponsible and ridiculous.

When we choose to perceive all forms of Jewish cooperation as representative of top-down organization working toward a secret plan, we are, apparently, then in a position where we are forced to assume that all world events are planned by the Jews as part of this secret plan. Everything we look at must conform to the pre-established misunderstanding of the nature of the race. Thus, Scott Roberts will, without any data, claim that the Jews control China, because otherwise they would not have allowed industry to move there – this is attempting to establish the nature of a secret plan by following the assumption that a secret plan exists. It is very bad logic.

From where I am sitting, the assumption is insane, not simply because zero data exists to support it, but because the development of China has not followed the established pattern of Jewish-controlled nations, which, instead of developing both socially and economically, as China has done since the death of Mao Zedong, were systematically collapsed. The complete lack of data itself (as if this wasn’t bad enough on its own) presents a logical problem – if the Jews are somehow capable of maintaining complete control of China, and leaving exactly zero trace of this control, why would they not do this in the other countries they have controlled? Why was the original politburo 85% Jewish, if they can just as easily rule a country without a single Jew being visible? Why do Jews, instead of Jewish-loyal Whites, hold so many positions of power right now in America? For my part, I would argue that the internal Jewish psychological need for control demands that they hold these visible positions of power.

Once Scott has established in his mind, via this method of pure assumption stemming from this theoretical Jewish secret plan (which, again, stems from the projection of our own biological make-up onto the alien Jew), that the Jews somehow do control China – because if they didn’t then that would mean they don’t have a secret plan (the secret plan cannot be dismissed, because that would require a reworking of the entire paradigm) – things continue to spiral downward into ever-deeper levels of fantasy, where the entirety of the last 70 years of Chinese history have been leading up to the execution of a secret plan to use China to invade America and kill all Whites.

Another example of dismissing obvious realities by creating complex fantasy in order to support the assumption regarding the existence of a secret plan is Scott’s theory about a secret group of “racially pure Jews.” The need to create this fantasy stems from the need to deal with the fact that Jewish actions sometimes harm other Jews; for instance, the ruthless promotion of drug abuse and sexual degeneracy, ends up effecting Jewish youths, and the bizarre and unnecessary aggression of Israel towards its Muslim neighbors leads to a situation of permanent insecurity among the Israeli population. I would, of course, explain these behaviors in terms of the Jews being incapable of controlling fundamental biological drives which developed in a time when they had significantly less control than they do now, even when they are harmful to members of their group. Working it into the theory of a secret plan is much more complicated.

The only way to explain the problem of Jewish behavior harming other Jews, within the framework of the secret plan theory, is to say that there is a secret group of Jews who are at the top of this alleged top-down Jewish conspiracy structure, and that these “big Jews” don’t care about the “little Jews.” Scott’s assumption, which appears to be drawn out of thin air, is that this imagined secret Jewish hierarchy is based on a scale of Jewish racial integrity, which I have been as of yet unable to comprehend, given that one of the key strategies of the Jewish race has been, and still is, to mix a degree of their blood with the host population through racial mixing.

All of the powerful Jews which we see, controlling banks, industry, media and government, visibly maintain a percentage of European genetics. Scott’s theory is that all of these visible Jews are really just pawns in the game, being used by the invisible group of special Jews. So then, we are left not with a Jewish problem, but with a super-secret “racially pure” elite Jewish problem – basically, “the Illuminati.”

As you can see, when we start with the original false assumption of a secret plan, we are forced into something very separate from the basic, obvious reality we can see with our eyes, into a monumental mess of baseless fairy tales.

Of course, everything Scott claims could be happening. I certainly can’t prove it isn’t. But to put that in perspective, I also cannot prove that the planet isn’t ruled by shape-shifting reptile-people from another dimension.

For my part, I can see the Jews in control – they are right up on the television screen, controlling things. I can see the local pawn shop Jews behaving in the exact same manner as the Jews who run banks, without orders from a secret group. I can see that the Jews I’ve known personally all support the liberalism which is so destructive to our society – again, they do this without orders from a secret group. I can see Jews, behaving like Jews, and in my perception, this fully explains what is happening on the planet earth. It might not be as fascinating or sexy as the secret plan theory, but it sure is a lot more solid.

In Closing

My goal in this essay was not purely to persuade the reader to accept my position on the nature of the Jew and the mechanism of causation behind global events, but also to clarify what it is that I perceive to be happening, so that if people wish to disagree with me, they can disagree with what I am actually presenting, rather than a misunderstanding or a misconstruing of my position. Though I may not have accomplished the former goal, I feel confident I have accomplished the latter, and thus it should no longer be necessary for those who wish to continue to advocate the concept of a secret conspiracy with a secret plan to make-out as though I am not presenting a logical and internally-consistent argument.

Accepting what I am presenting would surely represent, for many readers, a fundamental change in perception, and I understand that such things can be very difficult, on both the intellectual and the personal level. It is my hope that you will entertain the idea, rather than reject it out of hand, as I do believe that it is only through a solid understanding of the nature of the Jew that we will ever be able to achieve victory over this, our eternal racial enemy.