Oz: Government Abandons Plan to Alter Orwellian “Hate Speech” Laws Under Jew Pressure

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2014

We must save the hurt feelings, goyim.
We must save the hurt feelings, goyim.

Australia has cancelled its brilliant plan to do away with the George Orwell hate speech laws, which make it a crime to question the filthy Jews or their shades-of-brown fighting comrades.

A Jew-defending op-ed published in the Business Spectator gives us the inside scoop:

So the commitment to either repeal or seriously water down section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act has been abandoned by the government. The announcement was made by Tony Abbott, who said he had made a “leadership” call. In other words, he did not consult Attorney-General George Brandis before he made the announcement.

It clearly represents a broken promise, especially to some of his closest supporters, including the columnist Andrew Bolt and the recently appointed Human Rights Commissioner Tim Wilson. They will be deeply disappointed by this decision.

While Abbott said that the decision to ditch the plan to rid the Racial Discrimination Act of section 18C was taken because of “complications” in dealing with Islamic communities in the context of the proposed tough new terrorism laws, it seems likely that more was involved in this decision.

The conflict in Gaza and the coverage and reaction to this appalling, heartbreaking conflagration, in my opinion, made it virtually certain that any move to change or abolish section 18C would extract too high a political price.

The repeal of section 18C was vigorously opposed by the leadership of virtually every ethnic community in the country. But it would be fair to say — without wishing to give succour to those who reckon the Jews are too powerful — that Jewish community leaders have played a crucial role in organising the opposition to any potential change to the RDA.

It is the opposition of the Jewish communal leaders that had been of major concern to Brandis and, to a significant extent, Tony Abbott. Why is that? Australian Jews after all represent just a tiny fraction of the Australian population. There are at best two seats — one in Melbourne and one in Sydney — in which the Jewish vote might matter, but even then there is absolutely no evidence that Jewish people vote mainly, or even significantly, on the basis of ‘Jewish issues’.

Now you may be one of those who believe that there is a secret cabal of Jews who control Australia — its financial institutions, the media companies, the professions, the courts — and if you are one of these people, there’s no point in talking to you. Read no further please.

The main reason that Brandis and Abbott were most concerned about the opposition of the Jewish communal leadership to any changes to section 18C is because the Jewish community is generally seen as a role model for successful multiculturalism.

Huh. Interesting reasoning to explain away the total Jew control of the Australian government, buddy.

Last year, the parasite Jews occupying Australia came together with various other groups of occupying parasites to denounce the proposed amendments to the Orwellian “hate speech” laws of the nation.

Multiple roof bodies of non-White bloodsuckers issued a statement whining about the proposed amendments to the RDA, which would possibly result in a new batch of lampshades and soap being made out of the Jews, and may create a situation where brown people are unable to stop crying – even while they sleep – due to their level of hurt feelings well surpassing the 9000 mark.

Australian Jewish News:

“Without Section 18C, the Jewish community would lose a powerful weapon that has been used successfully many times to take action against anti-Semitism, including Holocaust denial, usually without having to go to court,” Executive Council of Australian Jewry executive director Peter Wertheim, who is a signatory, told The AJN this week.

The statement was also signed by leaders from the Arab Council Australia, the Australian Hellenic Council, the National Congress of Australia’s First Peoples, the Chinese Australian Forum, the Lebanese Muslim Association, the Vietnamese Community in Australia, the Armenian National Council of Australia, the United Muslim Women’s Association, and activist group All Together Now.

“This issue has been falsely framed as one of freedom of expression,” Wertheim said.

“To include racist name-calling within the rubric of freedom of expression is a debasement of ­freedom … and [people’s] human dignity.”

Wertheim said he and other leaders were disappointed and “felt let down” by the Abbott government’s lack of consultation about changes to the RDA.

The statement asserts 18C’s repeal “would be a step backwards for Australia” as “racial vilification deprives its targets of equal treatment and a fair go”.

Wow, punishing people for Holocaust denial without going to court.  God bless freedom.

Of course, the purpose of speech laws is to protect the Jews. They have no other purpose. They are designed to make it illegal to question Jewish power and Jewish lies.

The Holocaust didn’t happen. It is a completely idiotic lie. So it has nothing to do with hate or hurt feelings.

However, the Jews are able to rally the hordes of non-Whites around them to support these hate laws, and thus give the impression that this is about protecting the feelings of poor, stupid brown people who like pre-school children will start crying if someone says something that hurts their feelings.

Interesting to note: it really speaks to the actual instinctual view of these people that Whites support laws that will protect their feelings. It shows that even the liberals do believe, on a subconscious level that these people are pathetic, lesser humans. If they really wore exactly the same as us, surely they would have the emotional capacity to man-up and not start crying when someone says something that hurts their feelings.

On another level, the non-Whites who support this also realize along with the Jews that if Whites are allowed to question their sickening presence in our countries even a little bit, we will rally in the streets with pitchforks torches and send them back to whatever hell they came from.

The worst-ever nightmare of the Jews and their brown hordes
The worst-ever nightmare of the Jews and their brown hordes

But of course, it must be framed as “muh feelings” for goyim consumption.