Oz: Islamic Invader Abuses Welfare Officer for Being Female  

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 6, 2015

Ali "We Don't Love These Hoes" Hussein
Ali “We Don’t Love These Hoes” Hussein

An Afghan migrant has faced the Federal Court after calling a Centrelink officer an “Aussie bitch” who he wouldn’t deal with because of her gender, The Daily Telegraph reports.

Qurban Ali Hussein, who belongs at the bottom of an overspilling latrine ditch instead of being allowed into Australia, went all-out Arab on the Auburn Centrelink officer who probably denied him free money.

The Federal Court heard how Hussein, who was defending himself (thus had an idiot not only for a client but a permanent state of being), abused the female manager disbelievingly crying, “No, you’re not (the manager). The manager is a man.”

When a security guard told him to shove off, the confused Sandal Sambo — who fled Afghanistan with the expectation of arriving in a foreign land that was just like Afghanistan — reportedly wailed, “There is this Aussie bitch and she thinks she is the manager.”

Again, forgetting the fact he was a peasant sand-coon grovelling after Aussie taxpayer money and not a VIP entitled to four-star room service, he ordered, “Get the man manager.”

This earned him a four-month ban from Centrelink, and briefly prevented him from sticking his big hairy nose in the public trough.

Eventually, this whole multiculturalism thing is going to work out.  We promise.
Eventually, this whole multiculturalism thing is going to work out. We promise.

Of course, it goes without saying that the soon-to-be-facing-court-for-raping-a-White-woman goat-groomer then played the race card. Claiming that the public servants were “persecuting” him because he’s an “ethnic Hazara”, the lying raghead screamed at the court, “There were a lot of witnesses, but they would not give their names or appear in court.”

However, none of this washed with Judge Nicholas Manousaridis, who in his infinite prejudice ruled that staff had not breached the Racial Discrimination Act back in 2012 when this was supposed to have happened.

Perhaps he can call Mariam Veiszadeh who is another blow-in from Afghanistan who can’t understand why Australians don’t behave like Afghans, but has a law degree and a social media following, as well as being a civil rights campaigner.

Mariam Veiszadeh
Mariam Veiszadeh

The two of them can have a traditional sheep’s eye feast before making strange noises with their tongues and pointing their bums towards Allah in supplication to his almightiness.