Oz: Tony Abbott May be the New Hitler After Mentioning Goebbels in a Speech

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2015

Tony Abbott has been described as "worse than Hitler," "the new Hitler" and "a clone of Hitler."
Neo-Nazi extremist Tony Abbott has been described as “worse than Hitler,” “the new Hitler” and “a clone of Hitler.”

A whole new type of shoah is going down in the land down under, where the evil Jew-hating Prime Minister has casually mentioned the name of a top Nazi.


Jewish member of the Australian parliament walked out of the chamber on Thursday after the prime minister likened the leader of the opposition to Nazi leader Dr. Joseph Goebbels.

Walked out of the chamber, you say? Did he walk backwards out of the chamber, I wonder?


Grocher was born in 1926 in Warsaw, Poland. As a teenager during World War II he resided with his family in the Warsaw Ghetto. Grocher claims to have survived nine different Nazi concentration camps during World War II including Buchenwald and Majdanek. He also wrote that he survived the Majdanek gas chambers. When he realized he was led to gassing by the guards, he began walking backwards. The SS man guarding the door to the gas chambers was in conversation with another guard and so Grocher escaped unnoticed, to join his father.

Mietek Grocher is one of dozens who managed to survive multiple gas chambers by walking backwards. It would only have been right for the protest of the Nazi Abbot to be done in such a way as to honor these backward-walking heroes.

I hope that happened.

Continuing –

The prime minister “can slag us as much as he likes but it is silly to use an example of the ultimate evil in politics,” opposition MP Michael Danby said after walking out in disgust, the Telegraph website reported.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott caused an uproar after describing Labor leader Bill Shorten as “the Dr. Goebbels of economic policy” during question time.

Another Jewish opposition MP, Mark Dreyfus, was one of three members expelled from the chamber by the Speaker in the furor that followed the prime minister’s remark.

Abbott was quick to withdraw his Goebbels comment and apologized profusely to parliament. “I withdraw. I withdraw. I withdraw, Madam Speaker. I withdraw. I withdraw,” he said.

“I do withdraw and I do apologize for using that phrase.”

Abbott, who is under intense pressure in his own party after a run of dismal opinion polls, narrowly averted a leadership challenge last month.

That’s a lot of withdrawing, Mr. Abbott! It’s almost like you really, really care what the Jews think about you!  Like they are some sort of uber-powerful group in Australia that people have to bow down before in order to avoid their wrath!  But we all know they are simply an oppressed minority, fighting for their rights to not be gassed to death by the trillions.