Oz: Transgender Freak Bashed in Fag Heartland, SJWs Hold Protest

Hamish Patton
Daily Stormer
June 9, 2015

Transphobia made a real mess of this weirdo's makeup.
Transphobia made a real mess of this weirdo’s makeup.

A hideous transgender creature was joyously beaten inside a Sydney hotel on Friday evening prompting the local SJW population to come together the following night and protest against the “transphobia” hate.

The Sydney Morning Herald, reports how this objectionable mutant — who was born with male genitals but now considers itself a woman — was left “bloodied and bruised.”

Stephanie McCarthy, a bass-player with a band called ‘Love Maul’ that nobody’s ever heard of, was waiting to perform at Newtown’s Town Hall hotel in Sydney’s inner-west, which is the city’s student/faggot/dyke/SJW/commie central. But this androgynous abomination never got to play a single note. Four assailants, who all deserve free drinks,  left it not only with a black-eye, but limp in more than just its wrist.

The best part of it is that staff did nothing to help, drawing lots of social media whining.


Whilst it probably enjoyed the rough handling, it told the SMH, “Everyone saw it coming and they did nothing. And when it did happen, they did everything they could to get them [the attackers] out of there before police arrived.”

Yay for the staff at the Townie!

It continued, “There were four or five of them following me around, yelling ‘faggot’ at me. One of them kept deliberately bumping into me. I had my ponytail pulled a couple of times. But they [the staff] just kept serving them, they didn’t throw them out.”

What’s even more grouse, the staff ignored ‘her’ sympathizers’ pleas for security, as she recounted, “Even my friends were saying ‘These guys are going to do something to Steph if you don’t do anything about it’.”

When the non-man/non-woman was grabbed intimidatingly, preceding the kerfuffle, it responded by trying to snatch the attacker’s shirt in a puny attempt at self-defense. Claiming one of them also threatened to stab it, as if a knife would even have been needed, it also scooped up a plastic glass (serving drinks in plastic is standard in Sydney in light of several glassing incidents). This earned it a punch in its makeup-splattered head.

“I was told that, by the end of it, I had one guy holding my head right down low while the other was repeatedly punching me in the face,” the gender-bender lisped in excited recollection.

A protester holds a sign. But was it born male, female, or in a pig pen?
A protester holds a sign condemning transphobia. But was the protester born male, female, or in a pig-pen?

Again, what’s really uplifting about this story, though, is how little regard the staff showed for the transmutant’s well-being. It grizzled, “One of the security guards was standing five meters away behind a glass door which he didn’t even open. He ran downstairs, leaving me to get bashed.”

Even better, it looks like the blokes who dealt this summary justice will get away with it. Inspector Andrew Garner of Newtown Local Area Command conceded that the CCTV footage was “not great.”

Thus, after sniveling on Facebook and wherever it could spread its melodrama, the local SJWs came together the following night horrified that such a thing could happen on what they consider their turf to something they curiously consider human.

They blame the lockout laws, which affect the main party drag of central Sydney, which forces partygoers from out of the neighborhood to visit areas where the laws don’t apply. This means that the homo idyll these pansies have enjoyed has been rudely shattered by local licensing laws causing an influx of beaut homophobes.

Gathering outside the Hub on King Street, the congregation of queer-lovers brandished placards and worked themselves into a tizzy, which carried them all the way across the road to outside the hotel where they jabbered at staff through a megaphone.

It’s worth noting that there were no Moslems present as this street demonstration supporting the SJWs, even though these are exactly the types that lob along to any sort of anti-nationalist demonstration to defend ragheads, who oddly enough, are only ever passionate about social causes that involve other ragheads.