Poland: Soldier Dies from Injuries After Border Clash with Vibrants

Belarus said “if you like migrants so much, have these ones.”

Poland is like “we don’t like migrants…”

And then Belarus is like “then why are you BFF with the United States? This is just the beginning of your adventure in diversity.”


A Polish soldier has died after being stabbed by a migrant on the country’s border with Belarus, Warsaw’s military said Thursday.

The soldier was involved in a clash with migrants attempting to cross Poland’s northeast border from Belarus on May 28, according to Polish media. He was stabbed in the chest through the border barrier.

Despite being treated at a hospital in the nearby city of Hajnówka, and then transported to a military hospital in Warsaw, “his life could not be saved,” the General Command of the Armed Forces said in a statement on X.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk paid tribute to the victim on X, writing: “The young soldier, Mateusz, gave his life defending the border of the Republic of Poland. The homeland and compatriots will not forget this sacrifice. I express my deepest sympathy to his loved ones.”

They’ve been arresting soldiers and border guards for being too mean to the invaders

Mateusz has been officially identified only by his first name. His family have been informed.

Polish Defense Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz said in a post on Facebook that the soldier had “died while defending the Polish border” from “a bandit attack,” and called on his compatriots to “honour his memory!”

As Poles prepare to vote in the EU election on June 9, the soldier’s death could be used by the country’s right-wing and far-right parties, which have long campaigned on anti-immigration sentiment.

A lot of the far-right is now campaigning on anti-Ukraine and anti-American sentiment.

It isn’t exactly difficult to figure out where all of this multiracial analist extremism is coming from.

If Poland was allied with Russia, they would not be dealing with this, would they?

Meanwhile, the Jew propaganda continues…