Polish Kids to Get Nazi Legos for Christmas!

Daily Stormer
December 13, 2014

Not the actual Legos.
Not the actual Legos.

The entire nation of Poland is under attack by international Jewry for allowing Lego-style Nazi toys to be marketed to children.

Washington Post:

The Polish company producing the new toys is, needless to say, being roundly criticized. But it has defended its product. Lego-like figures featuring Swastikas and Third Reich emblems are a “fun way” to teach children history, Robert Podles, CEO of Cobi Toys, told news agency Ruptly, which is part of Russia’s RT network. Cobi Toys did not respond to an interview request by The Washington Post on Tuesday.

The toy soldiers in question bear similarities to Wehrmacht soldiers and officers with the Gestapo, the Nazis’ horrifying secret police force. Often referred to as the “worst of the worst,” Gestapo officers were allowed to arrest suspicious people and send them to Nazi concentration camps. Many of those arrested never returned.

Despite the criticism, Cobi says it plans to continue producing the items. While Ruptly quotes Podles as saying that some of the tanks and vehicles feature swastikas, that symbol does not appear in an advertisement on Cobi Toys’ Web site. However, it does depict black crosses that were used as emblems of Germany’s Wehrmacht (as the Third Reich’s armed forces were know).

Poland is a fun time.