Poll Friday: Music Preferences

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 29, 2014

No seriously guys.  I literally listen to Waylon Jennings.  I'm not even joking.
“No seriously guys. I literally listen to Waylon Jennings. I’m not even joking.” -Andrew Anglin, after having been confronted by his readers

I was talking with a friend about the importance of music on the psyche – how it alters the way we look at the world around us, positively or negatively.

I was thinking – most of the music I listen to personally is a bit weak – mostly about alcohol/drugs and women, along with introspective type thinking that doesn’t lead anywhere other than into obsessive self-reflection.  Not the sort of thing that promotes strong moral values or a warlike ideology.  But I do really enjoy it.

I’m interested to see the types of music others listen to.  I know nationalism is generally associated with either punk or metal, at least among nationalist youth.  I’ve not been able to listen to such things since I was a teenager, and mostly listen to folk/American or country much.  As well as a bit of indie rock.  It’s all very White, but perhaps not the best for the White psyche.  At least generally.  It doesn’t effect me negatively.  Or at least I think it doesn’t.

I understand that most readers will want to click more than one type of music.  But just do the one that you listen to most and most associate with.

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Also, if you want to post links to YouTubes of songs you like, do it!

I’m always interested in hearing new types of music.