Poll: White People Enjoy Kebab, Stench of Immigrants, Take Pleasure in Punishment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2015

We always knew that all White people love diversity, but now we are finding out exactly why.
We always knew that all White people love diversity, but now we are finding out exactly why.

In a recent poll by the Daily Stormer news site, White people said that their favorite part of diversity is kebab, but Whites also enjoy being punished for their thoughts, being told they are evil and the smell of vibrancy.

The poll confirms the accepted fact that all White people agree that there should be fewer White people in White countries, and their only disagreement is with regards to what is the best thing about having more third world people surrounding them.

People tend to agree that all types of diversity are good, and any people other than Whites should live in formerly White countries. Still, there is some difference in who people enjoy being replaced by the most.

Moslems were a particular favorite of respondents, with one poll-taker saying “since the Arabs have purchased and converted many of the formerly white-owned buildings in my neighborhood into ‘discount tobacco stores,’ getting a bottle of malt liquor and blunt wraps is easier than ever!”

Another said: “Moslems have a charming custom of beheading people on the street, which has a kind of oldy worldy feel about it, harking back to less complicated times. I think we need to be doing more to embrace that one.”

The Moslem call to prayer was also saluted, given that it gives such a quaint feel to a town to be constantly hearing that noise: “hearing the call to prayer all day shouldn’t be underestimated. Once we have proper diversity, we, too, can have loudspeakers attached to every single building blaring out the death-yodel in the middle of the night.”

Many respondents appeared to have a particular liking for sexual enrichment brought to White women by Islamic diversity, with one person calling for more gang-rapes and street harassment by Moslems: “I voted Child Sex Trafficking … One category I was missing was gang-rapes of white woman, which would be my second. Another one is immigrants bothering woman and calling them whores.”

Popular: People love the look, smell and behavior of Moslems
Popular: People love the look, smell and behavior of Moslems

Even a hate-filled racist agreed that Moslem immigration is a net-gain due to their culinary prowess: “Yes, the Arabs are responsible for our latest drive by shooting epedemic, flooding Western Sydney with cheap heroine, creating 3rd world ghettos & taking up our public housing, BUT they offer tasty meat on a rotating blade at an affordable price.”

Random murders were greatly appreciated by some Whites, with one saying: “The risk of being randomly murdered any day by a groid adds so much excitement to our otherwise dreary existence. It’s so exciting getting dressed in the morning and not knowing if you’re going to make it back home that night. It’s a thrill unlike anything else in this world. Plus, I feel honored knowing that any day may be my lucky day to be murdered like a sacrificial lamb to right all the past wrongs of racism.”

White people also expressed joy at the clear reality that White people – who are universally regarded as evil by White people – will soon cease to exist. One respondent wrote: “I think the best part is the knowledge that soon there will be no more ugly blue-eyed blondes or redheads.”

Another said: “The best thing I love about diversity is that I know that as each day passes that my race dies a little more! I am so overwhelmed.”

Surprisingly, Jews were also very popular in the discussion of diversity. This is interesting because Jews are actually White people, just with a different religion and nose. One respondent was happy about the factual accuracy of Holocaust lessons in school: “Schools are turning into prisons and Jewish indoctrination centers. Even Catholic colleges are teaching [accurate facts about Jewish gassings by Adolf Hitler].”