Poop Crisis: Africans Crap on Public Streets and Pump Loads of Sewage onto the Beach

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 6, 2014

This is White people's fault.
This is White people’s fault.

When looking at stories about how Africans cannot keep the basic infrastructure needed to dispose of their own human waste, and so are forced to crap on the open ground or into a tube which pumps sewage directly onto beaches, it is important to remember the totally scientific fact taught to us by Jewish philosophers that these people are exactly the same as us, except for the color of their skin.

Otherwise, you could become a racist.  You may, for instance, but yourself in this situation, and say “if I were an African, I would stop killing people and having sex with anything that moves until I could get the massive amounts of human poop off the streets and the beach.”  You might even go so far as to ask why it is that only black countries are incapable of disposing of their own human waste.  Then, from there, you might begin to suspect that the monumental genetic differences between Whites and blacks could possibly account for the gap in the ability of the two races to dispose of this human waste – genetics could offer the solution to the question of why Africans have streets and beaches covered with human waste and Europeans do not, you might think.

And then – BAM – you’re a racist.  Just like that, you have become the most evil thing which has ever existed ever in history.

So please – keep in mind that race is a social construct and the only differences are skin tone.


Fredrik Sunesson had high hopes when the first tanker truck unloaded feces from some of Accra’s 4 million residents at his recycling plant in Ghana’s capital. Seventeen months later, those expectations have been dashed.

A combination of red tape and disputes over payments mean Sunesson’s Slamson Ghana Ltd. is running far below capacity, he says. Most of the 140 tankers dump the contents of Accra’s toilets each day into the Gulf of Guinea at a foul-smelling dune known as Lavender Hill. The lagoon nearby is so polluted that scientists says most life-forms can’t survive. The slum nearby has earned the nickname Sodom and Gomorrah.

“It’s a shame for everybody, most of all for the environment and the people of Accra,” Sunesson said.

Despite a series of infrastructure projects backed by foreign donors, Accra doesn’t have a working sewer system, leaving most of its citizens to choose between communal latrines or defecating on open ground. That’s contaminating the city’s groundwater, according to the World Bank, and almost 700 people have contracted cholera since June. The failure to maintain existing treatment plants has rendered them unusable, while a lack of political will means there’s little prospect of any immediate improvement.

Accra’s problems are an example of how external investment and good intentions often aren’t enough to make a difference in Africa. As many as seven out of 10 people in sub-Saharan Africa have no access to flush or chemical toilets or latrines, according to the World Bank.

Sigh. It is hard not to feel bad for them, sometimes. If Whites wouldn’t have ever went to Africa, they would still be living as they did for the hundreds of thousands of years before we got there, and they would have kept a low-enough population level, as a result of murder, cannibalism, poor child care and disease, that they would be able to defecate wherever they wished without flooding the entire place with poop.

Of course, the solution to Africa’s problems is to bring the continent’s entire population to Europe. Then they will prosper, at the same time helping us become more vibrant. Because when you take a boat from poop-flooded Africa to Europe, a magical transformation takes place and automatically you are a completely civilized human being somehow.

Because race is just a social construct and skin color is the only difference between us.