Portugal: Leftists Demand “Racism be Made a Crime”

Daily Stormer
February 28, 2015

These colorfuls must be protected.  It is the most important thing ever in history.
These colorfuls must be protected. It is the most important thing ever in history.

Leftists in Portugal are demanding that “racism” become a criminal offense in the country, a measure which they claim will help protect an invading army of hostile African parasites.

Portugal News Online:

“We are seeking a revision of the Penal Code in order to make room for racism to be criminalised, a feature which the Code currently does not possess”, Left Bloc MP Cecília Honório said this week.

The demand came after a public hearing in Parliament’s Senate Hall concerning allegations of a spike in police brutality and other forms of institutionalised racism.

The public debate, staged on Tuesday evening, attracted around 60 interested parties, including community leaders from a number of Lisbon’s council estates, and focussed heavily on proposals aimed at police action in these neighbourhoods.

“This was a debate centred on police violence, on racism and the need to continue to bring to light other forms of discrimination which these people in these fringe neighbourhoods experience.

“We have heard witnesses with intense testimonies that this sort of violence forms part of the daily existence of these people”, the Left Bloc MP was quoted as telling Lusa News Agency after the meeting.

In a subsequent statement issued on Wednesday by the Left Bloc, the party said it was commonplace “to hear in these neighbourhoods that blacks are to be eliminated.”
According to the Left Bloc, these reports are “absolutely deafening” and are calling for a “profound debate on the multiple forms of racism Portuguese society continues to endure.”
The MP added that “studies, including a recent UN report, show that communities of African origin have limited access to education and public services” and that these “communities are also under-represented.”

The Left Bloc also called for tighter evaluation of police forces who they said should be subjected to anti-racist training on the ground, a feature which the party says should form part of the anti-racism laws it is proposing.

Although it is unclear exactly what they are asking for, it appears that by demanding “racism” be made a crime, they are attempting to legislate personal emotions, thoughts and beliefs in an Orwellian manner.

Here is the definition of racism:

define:racism - Google Search

And here is the definition of thoughtcrime:

define:thoughtcrime - Google Search

These liberals started out with “hate speech” legislation claiming they were protecting privileged minorities from violence.  Now, they are dropping that pretext, and simply saying outright that they wish to control our very thoughts.