Rep Mo Brooks Defends “War on Whites” Comments

Daily Stormer
August 6, 2014

Republican representative Mo Brooks appeared on a show with apparent Jew host Steve Malzberg and reiterated his statements about a war on Whites being launched by liberal forces, quoting several race-baiting democrats who have attempted to alienate the White race by insulting them, referencing the legal system which now actively discriminates against White people.

Granted, he comes at it from the “we’re all the same so why should the non-Whites get special privileges” angle, but he has to do this, and anyway it spreads the meme – all people will remember is “a congressman said there is a war on Whites,” and so next time they hear about a war on Whites, they will be much more open to the idea.

This is a fantastic development. White people know in their bones, if not in their heads, that there is a war on us, and as soon as large numbers begin to wake up to it, we’re gonna see some serious changes in the narrative, whether the Jews like it or not.