Riding While White: Warning That “Nazis are Blatantly Riding Public Transit” in Ottawa

Daily Stormer
June 15, 2019

As we hurtle towards a dark future, engulfed by the Third World, the definitions of the terms “white” and “Nazi” will increasingly converge. In the interim, the only non-Nazi whites will be those who agree to abnegate themselves out of existence without a peep of protest. Eventually, as they or their descendants find themselves beleaguered by Diversity, even they will have to take some small steps to defend their own interests, even if it is only to flee.

In the end, then, “white” and “Nazi” will be perfect synonyms in the minds of our adversaries.

We can catch glimpses of this future already appearing.

Here we see a white guy riding the subway in Ottawa wearing a cap with the image of the German flag on it and a T-shirt with some lettering in the old Germanic Fraktur font.

Negro Tyler K Boyce happened to be riding the subway at the exact same time as T-shirt guy.

As his Twitter profile indicates, Tyler is an HIV testing coordinator, board director of Max Ottawa, “child of East Africa” and “poet.”

He also has a WordPress blog called Tyler Black Power. We know that WordPress doesn’t like any defense of European ethnic interests, but it apparently has no problem with Black Power.

Tyler took to Twitter to express the terrible distress he had experienced on his subway ride when he came “face to face with a Nazi.”

Tyler shrieked at Ottawa’s politicians, warning them that “we have Nazis blatantly riding public transit in the middle of the day at rush hour”!

Already, they want us to be banned from public transport if we have the “wrong beliefs.” What’s next? Banning us from buying food? Why not just send us to extermination camps to speed it up?

But T-shirt guy wasn’t even a “Nazi.” The image on his T-shirt was an album cover from the Swiss heavy metal band Hellhammer. The Germanic lettering was just the band’s name.

Nonetheless, leftists piled on to Tyler’s tweet, demanding that T-shirt guy be physically attacked.

Ed the Sock is apparently a famous TV star in Canada.

But Ed the Sock’s creator, voice and, presumably, Twitter account manager is Steven Joel Kerzner.


This is the future that awaits us if we should lose this war of persuasion: innocent whites being attacked by Diversity for the crime of merely existing.