Scotland Humiliated by Homosexual Acts at Opening Ceremony to Commonwealth Games

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
July 27, 2014

I suppose we can be thankful that at least he wasn’t kissing a Negro.

Just as the Olympics opening ceremony was more about promoting race-mixing than sport, the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Scotland has also been used to promote a part of the Jewish agenda – homosexuality.

The flamboyant and irritating faggot John Barrowman was chosen to front the spectacle, which is an insult to the Scottish people just on its own, as he is only half-Scottish and has a broad American accent.

One can only hope the reason for this was that the organisers were unable to actually find a full-Scottish homosexual.

The highlight of the show was him snogging his latest bum-chum, who also just happened to be one of the main male dancers.

Besides humiliating the native Scots by claiming that this was a way of accentuating Scottish values, the unnatural act was also calculated to scandalise the 42 countries of the Commonwealth where homosexuality is still quite rightfully illegal.

It should come as no surprise to anyone then, to discover that a Jew was behind all this, the head of ceremonies and artistic director of the show, David Zolkver.

Could they not find a Scottish violin player?

Daily Mail:

Entertainer John Barrowman has today tweeted his thanks to those who have backed his kiss with a male dancer during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

The performer, who is of both Scottish and American descent, took to Twitter to tell his fans he was ‘so happy right now’ following a wave of positive reaction to the embrace.

However, he also admitted he had received some backlash from a few viewers of the £20million show.

He wrote: ‘I am retwtin the neg because I want u all to see how bitter and Nasty and Neg some people r:) I am so happy right now. Jb’ [sic]

His words came as Glasgow 2014 chief executive David Grevemberg called the kiss a ‘confident’ move which emphasised the equality of Scotland.

Mr Grevemberg, who confirmed the kiss was planned, said: ‘We thought this accentuated the values of Scotland and the diversity of Scotland.

‘Some people may say (it was) bold, but I think confident. Gretna Green is a place where people elope.

‘That moment was about people getting married. It’s all about love.’

Seen by millions of children, all across the Commonwealth.