Serbia Now has Their First Transgender Army Major

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
March 1, 2015

Serbian readers: Aren't you just proud of your country?
Serbian readers: Aren’t you proud of your country?

Serbia is leading the way in tolerance and acceptance.

America: You ought to follow their example.


“I shall never ever wear trousers,” says the Serbian army’s first transgender officer. There may be several other things Helena will never do again after serving in the Armed forces as a man for more than 20 years and after being married to a woman for 21 years.

Currently she is being supported by a civic group called Egal, which fights for equal treatment for transsexuals in Serbian society. When approached by Newsweek, Helena, 41, [not her real name] agreed to tell her story on the one condition that the names of her four children, as well as her ex-wife and closest relatives, would not be made public.

With her above-the-knee skirts, high-heeled boots and ample cleavage, Helena looks like a woman but still speaks in a low, rough voice.

“I know my voice is a problem but I am taking hormones to help make the transition from male to female so it all will be settled very soon. People don’t pay attention to me at all, and it’s only when they hear me speaking that they become surprised,” she says.

If I were a Serb, I’d definitely be feeling extra patriotic right now.