Shocking New Figures Show the Breadth of East European Immigration to Britain

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2014

The data was compiled by the independent Migration Observatory at Oxford University and is based on census data from across the continent in 2011.

Shocking new figures were released by the Daily Mail that show the incredible scale of the East European exodus into Britain.

One in thirty Lithuanians, one in thirty Latvians, one in sixty Poles and one in two-hundred Hungarians have all left their native land in order to take advantage of what Britain can provide that their own countries can’t.

And that is only going by figures from the 2011 census – since then millions more have flocked into the country, causing the NHS to collapse, the schools to fall apart and house prices to go through the roof.

About the only thing that has not increased in that time is the average daily wage, which has remained roughly the same since the floodgates were first opened 10 years ago.

Thousands of Romanians waiting to vote for elections in Romania, which were being held in Portsmouth, England this week.

Between 2004 and now, the amount of East Europeans in Britain has increased by 544 per cent, from around 167,000 to 1,077,000.

Bear in mind that the non-White immigration into the country has been around the same amount, and you can start to understand why most British nationalists are against all immigration, whether it is from White or non-White countries. The non-Whites are obviously worse and present more of a threat, but both are using up the same amount of resources. Both are reducing the small quality of life that the rapidly dwindling authentic British people have left.

About the only positive outcome that East European colonization is that immigration can now be talked about without being accused of racism.

It is not only this type of immigration that is causing problems.