Should the National Guard Really be Dealing with the Ferguson Chimp-Out?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2014

Though it is comforting to see White cops pointing guns at rioting Blacks, is this really our responsibility?
Though it is comforting to see White cops pointing guns at rioting Blacks, is this really our responsibility?

Though many in the right-wing are whining about the National Guard deployment in Ferguson as being representative of the police state and a negative development on those grounds, I take no issue on that front.  Clearly, these chimps are chimping-out, and the only way they are going to be restrained is with force.  However, I have been asking myself whether there is really any reason to restrain them at all, and have pretty well decided that no, there isn’t.

These people are rioting in their own neighborhood.  They are destroying their own community.  So who cares?  It is a majority Black area, and if the Blacks want to destroy it, why not just let them?

The proper response, it seems to me, would be to bring out the White population as refugees and then use the National Guard to quarantine the area.  They could set up a perimeter, with check-points, and simply not allow anyone to leave the area until the blacks stop rioting.  Engaging them, and trying to stop their chimping, is exactly what they want Whitey to do.  They like the fight, this feeling that they are being oppressed.  It justifies the idiot rhetoric of Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama to send the military in to quell a virtually entirely Black mob.

On top of this, we should be seriously discussing the possibility of deporting rioters and looters to Liberia or some other African state.  These Blacks have an entire continent of their own, with vast resources.  There is no reason that if they don’t want to be in a White society that they should have to be, and it seems that even the mainstream should be able to look at this as a voluntary arrangement.  If they don’t like it here, they should go home.  Period.

These are the sorts of ideas that I can present, and they are logical, but they obviously aren’t going to be picked up on by the mainstream.  However, it is very worthwhile to spread the ideas among the public, as they change the direction of the narrative.  If, for instance, you inject the idea of deportation as a punishment for Black crime, there is very little the liberals can say to you.  Because the basic line used is that they act like this because we took them from Africa – so sending them back – with a bit of cash, of course – should be the obvious solution.  How can they complain about this?

It is the same with the question of why it is our responsibility to keep them from burning down their own neighborhood.  Of course, on that front, you have the fear that if we allow them to continue to riot, and show it on TV, it will cause the riots to spread to other cities.  The easiest solution to that would be to make it illegal to show footage of the rioting on TV.