South Africa: Black Nazi Youths Raid Jew Store in Support of BDS

Daily Stormer
March 25, 2015

Typical Black looting riot (stock photo)
Typical Black looting riot (stock photo)

Well, I guess the Negroes are finally on-board with the anti-Jew agenda.

Top SA Jew Sammy Marks
Top SA Jew Sammy Marks

JP Updates:

Dozens of BDS protesters and other anti-Israel activists raided a store in the Sammy Marks industrial park in Pretoria, South Africa, causing thousands of dollars of damage. They were protesting because the store sold products made in Israel. At the end of the riot, Pretoria police arrested 21 teens between the ages of 16 and 18.

What began as a planned protest, accompanied by signs with slogans like, “Israel is the Devil’, turned into a riot as they entered the store and began destroying merchandise and equipment, throwing rocks, attacking employees, and looting.

Ynet reported that the industrial park is named after Sammy Marks, a famous South African Jewish financier. The Woolworth chain of stores has long been a target for boycott advocates, who in the past placed a decapitated pig’s head at the entrance to a branch which sells kosher meat.

The funny part is that it was the Jews who “freed” the South Africans from apartheid. Is it possible that the Africans understand that ending apartheid was against their own interests and now they’re angry?

I can’t really imagine Black Africans (especially non-Moslem Black Africans) caring about Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.