South Africa: Boeing 737 Loses Wheel While Taking Off

I don’t know if Boeing has their own mechanics in South Africa, but they probably do. In most countries, Boeing does maintenance on their own planes, exclusively.

They are not very good at doing maintenance on their planes.

Daily Express:

A potentially catastrophic situation was narrowly averted as a Boeing 737 aircraft lost a wheel over the weekend, prompting an emergency landing in South Africa.

The FlySafair flight encountered trouble shortly after takeoff in South Africa, forcing it to land at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

This incident adds to the mounting challenges facing Boeing, exacerbated by recent whistleblower testimony before Congress. Last week, Sam Salehpour accused the aerospace giant of endangering lives by cutting corners in safety protocols.

Despite Boeing’s denial of Salehpour’s allegations, incidents such as the loss of a door plug in January and a wheel in March have fueled public concern.

Boeing executives have reassured the public, saying that rigorous testing and inspections have not revealed structural issues in their aircraft. However, safety incidents like the one in South Africa add to ongoing anxieties about the safety of Boeing planes.

Flight FA212’s ordeal unfolded as ground staff at OR Tambo observed damage to the underside of the aircraft. Following protocol, the crew opted to return to the airport for inspection.

No injuries were reported among passengers or crew, though dramatic footage captured the tense moments of the emergency landing.

The aircraft circled to burn off fuel before landing, allowing for a safer touchdown. Technical teams visually inspected the landing gear before the plane made a successful return to the terminal.

This incident follows other recent safety concerns surrounding Boeing after a series of other incidents. In March, whistleblower John Barnett, who had raised allegations about sub-standard parts being used in aircraft assembly, was found dead in South Carolina.

We are already at the point where people are afraid to get on Boeings. People are asking what the jet is, and only boarding AirBus planes.

This is going to create a massive problem. Airlines are not going to continue to buy Boeings when people are afraid to get on them. They’re going to buy AirBus, and soon, they’re going to start buying the Chinese alternatives.