South Korea: Ebola Gives Bar Owners an Excuse to Ban Black People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

August 20, 2014

Ha!  Get your diseased Black ass up out the bar, nigga.
Ha! Get your diseased Black ass up out the bar, nigga.

Twitter is outraged with a Korean pub which put up a sign saying Blacks were not welcome, due to the threat of Ebola.  Obviously, this is just an excuse, because they don’t like Blacks and don’t want them around.

Though typically not explicitly stated, we are constantly bombarded with the idea that somehow, liberalism is a prerequisite of material progress.  That is, if you are not giving special rights to women, celebrating anal sex with men as the greatest thing since canned cheese and claiming that primitive African Negroes are “exactly the same” as White people, you wouldn’t be able to have cellphones and subway systems.

Constantly, “racism” is attached to a lack of material development and/or an agrarian lifestyle.  This is attached to a supposed lack of intelligence which is continually associated with non-urban White people.

However, when we look at East Asia, we see something quite different than this.  We see a society where people are living an extremely urban lifestyle, with even more high technology than we use in the Western White world, and yet they maintain a basically conservative ideological structure while seriously hating Blacks and gays.  They do not have feminism, even though women do work.  They have, point blank, refused to accept the doctrine of political correctness, viewing it as a threat to their civilization.

The existence of Seoul, Tokyo, Shang-Hi and Hong Kong outright disprove the notion that in order to maintain a modern advanced technological society, you require liberal Jewism.