Spain: ‘Neo-Nazi’ Cop Dives Into Big Cat Enclosure and Wrestles with Lions

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2014

Justo José Mira Payá, a former police officer who the media has dubbed a ‘neo-Nazi,’ remains in intensive care after he jumped into the lion enclosure, although the zoo keepers say it was just scratches.

A police officer with Nationalist sympathies driven to the edge by being divorced and having his son stolen from him has hit the headlines by jumping into the Barcelona zoo big cat enclosure and wrestling with the lions there.

Justo José Mira Payá is the former head of the municipal police force of Gelida, Barcelona and has spent 13 years working for the civil guard.

A grainy shot taken by a bystander, shows Justo Jose Mira Payá covering his face with his hands as emergency services hose down the lions to force them to let him go.

Daily Mail:

Mira Payá told a local reporter earlier this year how he went on extended leave after he lost custody of his son, divorced his wife, and lost his mother.

He also described himself as a survivalist, claiming he slept in the countryside most nights with just a poncho to cover his face although friends let him use their homes to shave and wash.

In September he got past a police cordon at an official ceremony and set fire to a Catalan flag in front of TV crews.

A male lion lies down on top of a Justo José Mira Payá, who voluntarily jumped into the lions’ den at Barcelona Zoo on Sunday.

Last month he was arrested in Barcelona city centre after draping banners emblazoned with Swastikas over the famous Casa Mila building in an anti-abortion protest.

Yesterday afternoon, Mira Payá appeared by the lion enclosure at the zoo, dressed in military uniform, climbed over railings and began scaling one of the walls in the enclosure before being picked up by one of the animals and thrown into a pit.

The 45-year-old was rescued around 30 minutes later, covered in scratches and bite marks. He was taken to the city’s Hospital de la Vall D’Hebron where he remains in a serious but not life-threatening condition.

Fire fighters were forced to use power hoses to get the lions to let go, but Zoo staff say it was clear they only wanted to play with him, not eat him, as he would not have been left alive for 30 minutes otherwise.

According to Spanish reports, Mira Payá climbed over fencing to enter the enclosure as horrified tourists watched on.

Footage of the bizarre incident shows him scaling one of the enclosure’s walls before being tossed by the leg into a pit by a lioness.

He emerged some 30 minutes later after fire fighters used hoses to fight the animals off of him.