Storming Sunday Round-Up: September 7, 2014

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 7, 2014

Oh, when we were young
Oh, when we were young

Back again for a very special edition of the Storming Sunday Round-Up.  It’s special because it isn’t being posted until Monday morning.

This was sort of a dead week.  Things rolled along, but nothing mind-blowing went down.  Maybe it is just summer ending.  Or perhaps the calm before the storm.

Anyway, I’m just gonna post some pretty pictures and throw a few ideas out there.

Sweden, we miss you.  We are all rooting for you.
Sweden, we miss you. We are all rooting for you.

Saturation Muslim is Coming

It is an obvious reality that at some point in time, the number of Muslims in any given European state – and in Europe as a whole – will reach a tipping point where they are able to seize political power by force.  Or at least it will reach a point where they believe they are capable of doing so.  This will effectively mean all-out race war.

There is literally nothing else that can happen.  When they believe they have the capacity – the pure numbers – to assert their will over the White Man, they will do it.  Even these alleged “moderate Muslims” will go along with it, because they are a biological collective and they simply can’t resist.  Like the Blacks in Ferguson – a Black riot means all Blacks – or 90+% – are rioting.

The Muslims continue to pour in to Europe and they continue to breed like rats.  So when will we reach a tipping point, when they finally decide they are fed up with our women in shorts, our beer drinking, our faggot promotion and so on?

I imagine someone could work out a mathematical equation to reach some estimation on this, but I personally cannot.  Off the top of my head, I think when they are at 30%, it will be a countdown to war.  Tensions will build, we will see more and more isolated riots, then riots across Europe will begin to coincide, and eventually they will take over entire territories, and we will have to send the military in.  Maybe then that will be the end of it.

The hilarious part of all of this is it would be absolutely impossible to find a liberal who is capable of explaining why the situation I just outlined wouldn’t happen.  It is simply obvious – we are on a straight course toward this event, and unless something magical happened – some type of world-altering metaphysical event, or an alien invasion of Earth – we are going to have a massive race war in Europe.

We are trying everything.  We have tried everything.  And the Muslims just keep rioting, just keep demanding more, just keep making threats and telling us they are taking over everything.

If logic was legal, no one would deny it.

We suspend reality for the purpose of destroying our own civilization and genetic heritage.

But when the race war comes, we will see who we really are.

Never forget.
Never forget.

Nazism as Ultimate Coolness

Along with the coming race war, another obvious development is Nazism becoming the ultimate coolness.  As I meet people, I find that those who believe in the liberal system are completely and utterly square, without any depth of character, simply followers of the system, believers in whatever the government tells them to believe in.  Clearly, there will be a backlash against this.

Nazism: It is mainly a system of getting things done.
Nazism: It is mainly a system of getting things done while dressing exquisitely.

And everyone I meet who is hip to Nazism is hip to the max.  Though comments sections on Nazi websites get flooded with whining weirdos (possibly a lot of JIDF, probably some genuine weirdos), when I meet folks in real life, they are always cool cats.

We also have the issue that masculinity – real masculinity – is always going to lead to far right views.  The liberal system draws in a cringing, weak and braindead league of faggots.  And women.  Women are the driving force behind it.  We wouldn’t have any of this if it weren’t for feminism.

Men are drawn toward masculinity, and achieving masculinity, and it takes a lot to keep them away from it.

As far as the word “Nazi,” which I have just used – I do generally use it in a way that is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the more I think about it, the more I like the word.  I know that it has been alleged that it is a complete slur, but I don’t really view it that way.  It is a word that has come into common language, that has connotations which are generally very negative, but it also has a sexiness about it.  We need that sexiness.

We need ultimate coolness, extreme masculinity and absolute sexiness.  And the ideology we hold already contains these things – they are just waiting to be released.

Nazism: It's also about being the best you possibly can be and having a whole lot of fun while doing it.
Nazism: It’s also about being the best you possibly can be and having a whole lot of fun while doing it.
Never forget who you are, White Man.  You are the best there ever was.
Never forget who you are, White Man. You are the best there ever was.

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Also, Another Humble Request

There is something which has happened to our Google results.  I have no idea what it is.  It is some weird trouble.

Can someone with the skills figure this out?

It could somehow relate to the attacks, or it could relate to the Cloudflare deal.  I honestly just don’t know.

That’s All I’ve Got

Here are some pretty girls, so as you might remember why you fight.

blonde blu blonde flowers Danielle Chuchran kiss blue 14 words

Be back next week for a much more exciting edition of this program!

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin